Excerpts from old Stanley Meyer article from Grove City Record (Oct 25, 1984)

On October 25th, 1984, Grove City Record published an article entitled "Local man solves energy problem! - Operates car on natural water". Since this article is accessible via various places online, it would behoove us to draw attention to a few paragraphs of the article.

First of all:
"Meyer's Water Fuel Cell operates on a physical process that polarizes the water molecules and breaks them down into hydrogen and oxygen extremely easy"

"He is able to do this because his invention restricts the amount of amps of electricity (which is power consumption) flowing to the fuel cell, and allows voltage (or potential energy) to take over and excite and polarize the water molecules. That in turn produces hydrogen gas with almost no energy consumption in the process.

""It is a non-chemical device that does not create energy," the self-styled inventor said. "The only thing the water fuel cell does is utilize a very low energy source to release a fantastic amount of energy in the form of hydrogen gas.""

"Meyer has demonstrated his water fuel cell to the public at fairs and at meetings and has proven how easily it can be done. Using his simple, clear, tubular fuel cell and plain tap water, he has produced a flame of over 2,500 degrees."

"Since the process is one of voltage (physical process) and not amps, the production of the hydrogen can be increased or decreased simply by increasing or decreasing the voltage to the fuel cell."

"30 patented inventions that all come together to create one comprehensive system. As an example, the fuel injector on the water powered car is one of those many inventions in the series."

Interestingly enough, in his quest for the water fuel cell invention Meyer developed an "Electrical Partical Generator" that uses a very small amount of energy to produce a great deal of electrical energy.
Cennamo is also doing patent work on the 'EPG' system. But work is still being focused on the fuel cell at this point because it can easily be retrofited to cars and homes -- before another energy crises arises.
""Eventually, when the EPG system and the water fuel cell are coupled, there will be no limit to what we can do," Cennamo said"

"It is going to depend upon the American public to get the fuel cell in the country," he said. "It has been people, not companies or governments that have gotten the fuel cell this far along. If enough people want this, they will get it into the country. People are just tired of being ripped off." - Stanley Meyer.
Anthony D. Cennamo of Columbus (Tony Cennamo) was the patent attorney for Stanley Meyer who sorted out the various patents for the Water Fuel Cell. The question of course is, what happened to Tony Cennamo, Stan Graumlich and Walter Bausch (who was 78 at the time of the article). I have not thus far noticed very many mentions of the EPG. Anyone care to shed any light to it?

Stan Meyer's research

It is cruel to know that Stan's research didn't benefit all of
mankind...Does anyone know if his research is being followed up and 'massmarked'?


Stanley Meyer's patents have

Stanley Meyer's patents have expired and are in the public domain. they can be studied, along with all of his lectures which are on googlevideo and available on DVD. all, or most, of the news broadcasts and some tiny clips of Meyer's material are on googlevideo. the patents and the lectures contain an enormous amount of information, some of which is, when comparing the lectures to the patents, is not in the patents themselves. as you know, Meyer split his device up to dozens of patents, and thus every patent has to be studied and pondered in light of the 1980s-1990s lectures that he did in Colorado Springs and in New Zealand, amongst other places. As far as we know, Dave Lawton has replicated the Stanley Meyer HHO device, and Ravi Raju has replicated the Dave Lawton replication. there is also an, apparently not related to Meyer, HHO producing electrolyzer called the Bob Boyce electrolyzer, which also is opensource and available for those who will seek out the information.
so, no more moaning of "meyer was killed, hydrogen economy will never come out, ever! shame!" type degree. the patents are out, get them and print them out, study them, get his lectures from online or on dvd, watch them, and do studies into the other HHO inventors.
we're mostly like a bunch of people sitting ontop of a chest and asking where the booty is and when are we going to get it.

Any follow up research

There is a company out there that has taken Stan's work and developed it.
They are now making hydrogen kits to put on your car. They can guarantee up to 50% increase gasoline mileage. The have seen results of 138%, 150% and more. The results of course depend on the vehicle itself.
They have taken the technolgy one step further and we are anticipating the launch of a product they call PICC. This will run with deisel and are claiming to change the trucking industry and I believe they just might.
I would love to give you more info if you're interested. You can visit the web site above and take a look at the HAFC (Hydrogen Assist Fuel Cell)info and video. You'll see a tab at the top of the page to take you to the PICC and HAFC videos.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like

Anthony D. Cennamo was my

Anthony D. Cennamo was my father who passed away in 1999. He did considerable work on this patent, but sadly he never saw it amount to anything.

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