Timothy Thrapp / World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries (Keely,Moray,Stubblefield,Hendershot,Tesla,Reich,Rife)

Timothy Thrapp/WITTS have started gathering quite an enormous amount of interest over the alt.energy scene, after posting three videos on YouTube in 2007+2008. Something has rung true through their way of communicating and the people they mention. Even a few skeptics have done a bit deeper digging into the history of WITS/WITTS/Thrapp, and have emerged convinced that they definitely have spent decades in researching devices and are actual R&D engineers with an aim to improve the world.

But why do people become convinced? Is it, because they are the ***ONLY*** people to ever mention that they have done research and development into John Ernst Worrell Keely, Nathan Stubblefield, Lester Hendershot, Thomas Henry Moray, Wilhelm Reich, and so forth? Is it because Thrapp has visited Daniel Dingel (WFMi(*)), has worked on a design similar to Bob Boyce's (WFMi), was notable enough to be interviewed by Jeane Manning for Atlantis Rising -magazine, or because of the mentioned suppression information that has popped up from various places?
It's the opinion of one (1) content adder on MERLib (Esa Ruoho) that not only is Thrapp a notable researcher, he has also accomplished far more than some have. Also, as there is an interest in John Keely, acoustic resonance and so forth on MERLib, the device that Thrapp has unveiled (an overunity sonic heater), is very, very interesting.

In 2005, Jeane Manning interviewed him for Atlantis Rising magazine issue#52 (Here), which turned up some pretty interesting details as to his life and journeys in alternative healing and alternative energy.
In 2007, James A. Robey interviewed him for WaterFuelMuseum's blogTalkRadio, which turned up some further interesting details of his understandings of Nathan Stubblefield's Earth battery and Parabolic Mirror setup, and also some mentions of Reich/Rife, and healing with frequencies. Also he mentions the Dominant quite a bit, which connects back to John Keely and obviously Walter Russell. In this, Thrapp is the *ONLY ONE*. It takes some research to come across the Dominant as a thought, let alone to speak of it as an authority. Hence again, the decision that this man 'has something', 'knows something', etc, is reached by at least me. They have also been selling Hydroxy Mileage Boosters and Radiant Energy Boosters (different versions of WaterCell's basically, to cut it short), and so forth. It is also mentioned that WITTS/WITS/Thrapp are working on a new website. It would be interesting to see what this website will have in it! Anyway, let this article suffice as a heads-up. They have something, they know things that some people do not spend time on, and have developed devices and are willing to demonstrate them on YouTube at least, and have been interviewed at least two times.

SOME people have taken it upon themselves to take the easy-way-out and pile disrespect and post personal vehement attacks at Thrapp/WITTS on account of them being a Spiritual Ministry. this is a result also of the misguided divisive opinions presented by the critics who are vehemently against any kind of bible-based/religious/spiritual guidance or acceptance of God, etc. Let me say just this once: There is no reason to attack people for their spiritual beliefs, if they are doing proper research&development. God-fearing people are as allowed to do alternative energy research as are atheists, all of them are still human-beings on a journey, hopefully to the betterment of the living conditions on this world. If you are here to attack Thrapp/WITTS for their religion or any such thing, ANYTHING that is NOT based on research&development of devices, then please go to some other website and rant about something else. MERLib is a Modern Energy Research Library, NOT a Modern Divisions Hatred Research Library! :)

P.S. If you are Timothy Thrapp and have now become interested in a less slanted way of looking at your/WITS voluntary discoveries, please get in touch (esaruoho(at)gmail.com).

WFMi -> WaterFuelMuseum Interview (Sep. 2007)
JMARi -> Jeane Manning Atlantis Rising Interview (2005)
Wits2014 YouTube page
WaterFuelMuseum interview#1
Jeane Manning/Atlantis Rising Interview
Stefan Hartmann interviewed Timothy Thrapp for Overunitydotcom



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