Peter Lindemann: Reactive Power and Radiant Energy and John Bedini's materials

Nov. 7, 2004

Glad to help. You are asking the right kind of questions. Here is my best shot at answering them.

1) My book consistently refers to the radiant spike LEADING the pulse.

That is true. The high voltage transient that leads the pulse is a much purer form of radiant energy. This circuit actually feeds this pulse back to the first battery in opposition to the forward current.

With a fast scope, you can see it across the battery. The high voltage transient produced from the collapsing field of the coil is also radiant, and it is in the same direction as the current delivered to the second battery. John refers to this as "reactive power" because the voltage transient is very short, followed by the current.

The voltage transient that is visible on the scope is really only the "transverse artifact" of a radiant, longitudinal wave. These longitudinal waves are very electron deficient, and therefore do not register well on electrical meters and scopes that are looking for the passage of electrons to give you a reading.