Peter Lindemann: Rotoverter's Reactive Power circulating in LC Tank Circuits CAN be converted to Real Power.

February 2008, Peter Lindemann makes a public statement about the Rotoverter, stating that the RV's LC "reactive power" can be tapped, using methods discovered by Nikola Tesla.
"Induction motors operate by locking the rotor to the rotating magnetic field of the stator. Most loads do not require the magnetic field to be at full strength to achieve the desired mechanical power output. Lowering the input voltage to the motor with a Variac is a simple test anyone can do to prove this principle. Most drill press motors will run quite well on 60 volts input. Cutting the Voltage in half also cuts the current in half, which cuts the Power input by 75%! Once the motor is Power Factor Corrected for this voltage, the motor will appear to run on NEARLY NOTHING!!!! And of course, that is the point.

I applaud Hector for encouraging people to run these experiments, The Reactive Power circulating in the LC tank circuits can be converted to Real Power, using methods discovered by Tesla, but that is another matter entirely."

the question now is: What is the connection between the Reactive Power in the RV circuit and the Reactive Power in John Bedini's circuits?


I have seen some of the demo's and am very interested as I have property in the mountains,and have no public power.

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