John Bedini: Reactive Power is the clue to Monopole, Hendershot, Moray..

The Tesla patent had to do with, how Tesla wound his coils and the special method used. As I was saying, the power termed as"free energy" is radiant in nature, and reactive when in use by us. The inter circles have put all these "skeptics" to work in all the chat groups and before that they were "disrupters". These people have nothing good to say about anything. After my 35 years of experiments with the term "free energy" and "over unity machines". This is what it turns out to be "Reactive power" and that's it.
This is not hard to do, the little mono-pole motor does it on a small scale, but bigger ones can be made to do the same thing as a 15 amp battery charger with 1.5 amp input, a simple coil is the mono-pole motor coil, one trigger and one power winding, but not in the litze configuration. I have said this over and over on Keelynet, just build the motor and watch what it does, the trigger makes it run on reactive power and no one in the group (two or three maybe) has caught on for some reason.
There is someone.......... on the Keelynet group charging deep cycle batteries with his machine , but he is not talking, just hinting at he has something running.
Back to Tesla, Tesla devised a method in his coil winding to create an high inductance, low resistance and uniform capacitance not letting anything out of the field to escape until the right moment, Kron used branch currents he call "lamellar currents" when the current in a circuit shows it's ugly face, all radiant reactive power goes away. Westinghouse patents give it away by saying "Reactive network".
Moray did the same thing, reactive power lighting the lights, Hendershot again did the same thing, the Meg does the same thing, Hubbard coil was the same thing, and now Decker is going to try to do the same thing with is block of diodes in a collection process. The Casimir effect has nothing to do with this radiant reactive energy and is to small to do anything with it's just a good waste of time. I will try to find the patent for ou, hope you don't mind if I post this, I have so many asking the same question.
John Bedini
I want to try to answer you but I do not know where to start.
I guess we must start at the basics of my work 35 years ago. As a new engineer out of school, I had the opportunity to work in the semiconductor field, while working in this field I had seen many strange things that semiconductors do, so a little background. I think what I'm trying to explain to everybody is that I have changed my attitude on what is termed "free energy" and "over unity". It's not that I do not agree that there is no free energy, because there is, windmill, solar panels, water power, it just takes money to get there. What I have found out is that the energy machines that produce this Radiant Reactive Power are strange indeed, lets take an example, the G-Field generator. Looking at this machine indicates as if more power is being consumed then is coming out of the machine. When the waveforms are looked at, the power being produced is "Reactive" and of no use as real power goes, but it does light lights and it speeds up under load, when built right. The next thing is that when the machine is hooked to a storage battery it charges the hell out of that battery and speeds up even faster so the input power goes way down. This is the same thing I have noticed with the Mono-Pole motor, I have studied these waveforms until I could not see straight and all the time my mind refusing to see the truth about what it was I was looking at. I noticed that it charged capacitors very good and charged batteries and the power was really there except my meters could not measure it.
This led me into studies of the coil that I was winding for these machines. Even if I had the machine working I still was not convinced something was charging the batteries I could not measure, it was not until about 15 years later I knew that I had to do something to find out what it was, just at that time Peter Lindemann's book, The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity, so I bought three books and called Peter or Peter call me I can't remember, but so what. Any way Peter and I joined forces to explore what it really was that these machine were doing. So after working with Peter and building every possible machine, these are My conclusions, There is no "Free energy", there is no "Over Unity" in any of these machines that can be measured with normal scopes and meters and we are just all assuming uncles Joe's theory to be right. When I put up the new pages I did not want to debate anybody about what I posted. I only wanted to try to explain what I found to be the proof of what everybody is calling Free Energy/ Over Unity, as it turns out to be "Radiant Reactive Power", so term it as you will, di/dt or whatever it is all the same in the end. If the machine can produce this Radiant spike before the switch turns on and the spike is reactive and if it tapped off at the right time and sent to the battery in the proper polarity, it will charge your battery. I'm not going to buy into all these theories about unproven experiments unless the experiment is done in front of me, as I have posted enough experiments to show everyone what it is.
One step further on this is that, I know some of the people did try to build my motor's and did not get the results expected, but I can say that enough people have been to my shop to see the proof of what I say I have built and have watched these motors and solid state devices charging batteries. So I'm saying that the power you seek is "Radiant Reactive Electricity", and it takes an input to get it in some amount, that is all there is in these machines and strange devices. The riddle has been solved in my book.
John Bedini
The next question is what if your cookbook math does not fit the transformation process that takes place, would you add numbers to make the equation balance? What if I told you that the engineers do not understand what a magnetic field is when it is used in the transformation process between radiant and reactive power. I do understand that you must use the math, and I'm not asking for any math here in your answers, simple terms on how you see all this, so those that are having a hard time following us can understand what we are talking about. It could be that we are all saying the same thing which just boil's down to charge in the end and how we get it. I also understand that you do electromagnetic engineering so you have seen many different things in your work. One more thing, if the process starts at the Radiant level and then proceeds to longitudinal and then moves to reactive and then to a square wave and from that point moves to the sine wave in the end would you agree with this?. That these are the transformations we must go through? I have a reason for asking these questions when I start to add something different to this equation, but I'm going to keep this on a simple level as much as I can. Also this is not any kind of contest in any way to see who knows what, but I want to get down to the basics of a full functioning radiant system that anybody can build with junk parts. I have found that most people do not understand the basics in electronics and want to keep it very simple. As I have stated before I will not use the terms Free Energy or Over Unity because I see none anywhere, even Tesla was going to use the generators to power his reactive power system tuned to certain frequency in a high Q pickup like you said in your post, no free energy here, just a nice transmission of power free for the taking, so Morgan said your not milking my cow for free. By the way this system is already in use.
I did want to get back to you on this, because I see no reason your motor does not work and recharge it's batteries. I could not see the picture you sent to me, so I can not answer on that. What you are sighting is something that has nothing to do with me it was done by Robert C. Still the effect would be the same.
I understand that Sterling Allen and Jerry do not get along, so I stay away from this one. I did invite Sterling and his engineer to come and see if I was a phony con man, after making them sign a lot of papers. The circuits were so simple that the engineer had a hard time in grasping them, they look like there nothing, but everything worked like Peter and I said. Dead batteries 4 years old were used when I demo the machine to see if they gain charge and they did, they were running lights after five minutes, I allowed the engineer to make all the notes he wanted too.When I posted the first drawing of the mono pole motor on Keelynet, I thought people would catch on, but they did not, they look at this as a piece of junk, meaningless piece of crap. This meaningless piece of crap was instructions in how to tap the energy we all need to use very shortly, just on a small scale. I can not help if it is viewed this way to those that refuse to do the experiments, and learn from the experiment, for the experiment tells the truth, and not the book. I built this motor on a very small scale to just prove a point that it could be done, and it would recharge a battery. I can Quote theories all day form pages and book's, that just send me in meaningless circles, I'm not saying that the EM does not work because it does but at a very sad rate of heat and wasted power always consuming never giving anything back (this is control with a meter to pay buy). My reason for asking questions on this forum is to see where people are at. I understand that maybe I should not discuss these things until at such a time, that people do the experiments and learn from them, for there is no math for this type of work. I just know that Radiant energy is not what people think it is from the experiments, it's here all the time, but cant be used. Tesla used a spark gap and a lot of power to use it, later tubes to make the oscillator, ((in the 50's I grew up with tubes so I know how they work, I left my dad behind when the first transistor came out, He could not make the switch to solid state but my dad did teach me everything about tubes, since that's what he did for a living)) now we have solid state devices that will do the same thing if used correctly. But to use it there must be some form of power input. Gas in nature, electrostatic in nature must be transformed or it can not be used, this means an compression must be used to release the energy, this takes power, so the term Free Energy/ Over Unity does not exist in my book anymore. Just go to Sterling's site and follow the directions, it will work on a small scale so you can think about making it bigger, never be afraid to try anything, you might find something. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Just go talk to Roamer he has one running all the time charging batteries He know's what works and what does not. You must start with the basic thing first and hopefully you learn to understand it.
John Bedini