The Water Fuel Cell and the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics

The following is an extract from the lecture given by Admiral Sir Anthony Griffin to the Maritime Division of the Southampton Institute, Warsash, UK as part of the symposium on the Impact of New technology on the Marine Industries, September 1993.

The Water Fuel Cell technology encounters a credibility gap because it appears to run counter to the long established laws governing our interpretation of Nature. Some people therefore reject the Water Fuel Cell because it appears to be un-natural and just one more spurious claim for perpetual motion. In fact, the water Fuel Cell is entirely natural. It merely demonstrates a new and revolutionary way of harnessing what nature has always had on offer. It does not infringe the two main laws of thermodynamics, i.e.:
THE FIRST LAW: "The total energy of a theromdynamic system remains constant although it may be transformed from one form to another." In the case of Water Fuel Cell technology, the system is global. The energy required to drive the engine comes from the zero-point energy contained in the water, a virtually inexhaustible source. The exhaust from the engine is water vapour which returns to the atmosphere.
THE SECOND LAW: As originally formulated by R. Clausius in 1865, this law states that "The entropy of the World strives towards a maximum". As recently formulated by Prigogine and Stengers, this law "contains two fundamental elements: (1) a negative one that expresses the impossibility of certain processes (e.g. heat flowing from a cold to a hot source) and (2) a positive, constructive one. It is the impossibility of certain processes that permits us to introduce a function, entropy, which increases uniformly and behaves as an attractor for isolated systems". It is at maximum when the system is in equilibrium. Non-equilibrium is the source of order and brings order out of chaos. Since Water Fuel Cell technology postulates non-equilibrium, it can be said to be supported by the positive element of this Law.

from Panacea University: Paper 9: Admiral Griffin's lecture on Stan Meyer's marine propulsion systems
Admiral Sir Anthony Griffin was a regular executive officer in the Royal Navy for 42 years, the last 5 of which were spent as Controller of the Navy with responsibility for the development and construction of all new surface ships, submarines, aircraft and weapons. Retired from RN in 1975 to become first Chairman of British Shipbuilders from 1975 - 1980; President of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects 1981 - 1984, and founder member of the British Maritime League and the British Maritime Charitable Foundation in 1982.

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73 year old retired UK vice-admiral to explains thermodynamics

I very seriously doubt the admiral made such a statement. If he indeed did, this must have been due to his advanced age and poor understanding of the subject matter. It is a shame to mock the gentleman's memory parading absurd statements he made (or didn't) towards the end of his life.

Let me rebut both clames:

1st law: zero-point energy refers to the a minimum energy level. It's essentially the energy of vacuum. By definition, being minimum, no further energy can be extracted.

2nd law: The explanation above stipulates that this rudimentary device can in some way can increase the entropy of the universe, thus increasing it locally. Well, theoretically there is some merit to this, people have speculated with this for a very long time. The problem here is that there is a link missing, and electrolyze is most certainly not that missing link.

I've spent some time researching this matter, including the filed patents, and the only thing that I don't understand is: If you guys take all this that serious - build the device yourself! It's not that expensive - some electronics, electrodes, water, any engine, a generator and a car battery would do... One thing will be certain - if it works, the one that makes it would be richer then OPEC.

And a final thought: why not dispense with the engine - it's very inefficient 20-30% at best.. take the hydrogen in feed it into a fuel cell (95% efficient), use the extra electricity to drive a electric motor (also over 90% efficient). It's amazing the perpetual motion engine still captivates human imagination!

water fuel cell and the first and second laws of thermodynamics

The Admiral did indeed say what he said, concerning Stanley Meyers Inventions. We are working on his research. The reason its not out is because Stan Meyers was murdered and the dune buggy and many of his papers were stolen by person or persons unknown. This has slowed us down but the truth will come out and the process will become a reality. The morons that maked fun of Testla, did not have the last laugh, nor will the ones who laugh at Meyers, prevail. Oh by the was Admiral Hyman G. Rickover advanced age your model of what you inferred towards Admiral Anthony Gtiffen? Was he also a feeable minded person like you quoted towrds Griffen [Quote] "This must have been due to his advanced age and poor understanding of the subject matter. It is a shame to mock the gentleman's memory parading absurd statements he made (or didn't) towards the end of his life." I feel sorry for you, Do your feet hurt? Your understanding is flawed. We do this not for money, or riches, or glory, but to free our children from those who would make them and has made us, bond slaves.

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