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"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come." ? Victor Hugo. Unfortunately for German inventor Captain Hans Coler, popular aphorisms don't always ring true. His innovative research on an over-unity Gravitational Field Generator was interrupted by Allied bombings during World War II. But after the war Coler's project showed enough promise that the British Secret Service interrogated Coler, as well as his colleague and financial backer, Dr. F. Modersohn. On January 7, 1946, British Intelligence produced a 32-page Final Report No. 1043. The document was classified CONFIDENTIAL. The object of their investigation were two devices that Coler had invented between 1926 and 1945, which were alleged to produce electrical energy without a chemical or mechanical source of power. Since an official interest was taken in Coler's generators by the German Admiralty, British Intelligence "felt that an investigation was warranted, although normally they would consider that such a claim could only be fraudulent."(1)

Modern inventors claim to have replicated working versions of the "Magnetstrom- apparat."

British military intelligence reported that Captain Coler was cooperative and willing to disclose all detail of his devices. He even consented to build a small operating model of the so-called "Magnetstromapparat" using material supplied by the investigators and working under complete supervision. With this device consisting of permanent magnets, copper coils, and condensers in a static arrangement, Coler obtained a tension of 450 millivolts for a period of a few hours. In a repetition of the experiment the next day 60 millivolts was recorded for a short period. One of Coler's devices consisted of six permanent magnets wound in a special way so that the circuit includes the magnet itself as well as the windings. These six magnet-coils are arranged in a hexagon and connected in a circuit that includes two small condensers, a switch and a pair of solenoid coils, one sliding inside the other. To operate the device, the switch is left open, the magnets are moved slightly apart, and the sliding coils set into various positions. After the appropriate adjustments, at a critical separation of the magnets an indicator appears on the voltmeter. The switch is then closed and the adjustments continue. Tension builds to a maximum and should then remain indefinitely. The greatest tension obtained was stated to be 12 volts.

Currently, the Institute for New Energy (INE) ranks the "Magnetstromapparat" as a "high interest" device since "the experiment was replicated by another" and it could have a "large impact with new physics." INE references the de-classified 1946 British Intelligence study to report that a 1936-37 demonstration of the electro-magnetic device generated 10 watts. INE ranks the commercial potential of the Magnetstromapparat as moderate since "something was again demonstrated and witnessed by others." (2)

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The "Magnetstromapparat" was developed by Coler and his colleague von Unrah early in 1933. A number of scientists witnessed several demonstrations of the device. They all reported the device apparently worked and that they could detect no fraud. One model is said to have worked for three months locked in a room. One 1946 demonstration, conducted in the presence of British authorities, an electrical charge measured at 450 millivolts was maintained for three hours until a soldered tag disconnected and the meter slowly dropped back to zero. Re-securing the broken link failed to restore the tension and charge. The following day, 60 millivolts were obtained, but when further adjustments to the magnets were made, the tension again fell to zero. During the construction and operation of this project, the model was completely open and nothing could be hidden in it. The device and meter could be picked up and moved around the room, tilted, or turned, without effect. Modern inventors claim to have replicated working versions of the "Magnetstromapparat." (3)

Hans Coler's other invention, the "Stromerzeuger," also receives a respectable ranking within the INE guidelines. This "electro-magnetic over-unity" device gets high interest because the "demonstration was replicated by another person" and moderate commercial rating because "it was again demonstrated and witnessed by others."(4) This device consists of an arrangement of magnets, flat coils and copper plates, with a primary circuit energized by a small battery. The output illuminated a bank of lightbulbs that allegedly required more energy to light than the original input. It was reported that the invention's output lasted indefinitely. In 1925 Hans Coler offered a small (10 watt) version of the device to Professor Kloss of Berlin. On March 4, 1926, Dr. Kloss reported to the German government that: "The result of the investigation showed an astonishing working of the apparatus, which without further research cannot be explained or compared with the hitherto known characteristics." Another professor, Dr. R. Franke, Technical College of Berlin, also witnessed and corroborated these tests. Dr. Kloss requested that the German government to give the invention a thorough investigation, but he was refused, as was the patent, on the grounds that the "Stromerzeuger" was a "perpetual motion machine." (5)

Seven years later, Coler and von Unrah produced a larger model with an output of 70 watts. After getting financial support from various investors, Coler built a larger, commercial version in 1937. It reportedly generated an output of six kilowatts. During War World II, other scientists and engineers looked into the reality of this electro-magnetic phenomenon. Professor W.O Schumann (Munich) examined the apparatus in Berlin in March 1926. Schumann concluded, "After the present examination, carried through as carefully as the limited possibilities of experimentation permitted, I must surmise that we have to face the exploitation of a new source energy whose further developments can be of an immense importance. I do not believe in deception. I deem it expedient to put the apparatus to a further test, and I believe that a further development of the apparatus and an assistance, given to the inventor, will prove justified and of great importance." (6)

When the British questioned Hans Coler about the fundamental theory behind his unique devices, he had little to say. The inventor did not completely understand how it worked either. Coler stated only that the strength of the magnets did not decrease during use and suggested that he was tapping a new sort of energy. After their exhaustive interrogations and demonstrations, the British judged that Coler was an honest experimenter and not a fraud. Hans Coler's machine appears to have worked, but no one has yet explained how it worked. British Intelligence suggested that further investigation by an expert in electromagnetic theory was warranted.

An experienced researcher once said, "May every young scientist remember and not fail to keep his eyes open for the possibility that an irritating failure of his apparatus to give consistent results may once or twice in a lifetime conceal an important discovery." Were the operational inconsistencies that plagued Captain Coler's inventions that once in a lifetime discovery? It's time to find out. The world has waited long enough.


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(   January 1946 British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee Confidential Final Report No. 1043, "The Invention of Hans Coler, Relating To An Alleged New Source of Power." The document, which was declassified in 1962, offers historical notes on Coler's two inventions, the "Magnetstromapparat" and "Stromerzeuger," as well as the interrogation of Hans Coler and his colleague Dr. Modersohn. A copy of the complete document is available from Patrick Bailey. Contact him at the Institute for New Energy (

(   INE database guidelines for the "Magnetstromapparat." INE's website covers "New Energy" or "Advanced Energy" technology that includes theory, research, construction and the testing of advanced energy devices.

(   Letters to SOLARIS website: Seeking Natures Secrets. The SOLARIS website ( promotes free energy studies and other like-minded research: "The site is dedicated to the search and utilization of Nature's free energy and promoting the development of such devices to enable useable energy to be extracted from these inventions and to the history of their inventors." Can download free copy of "Encyclopedia of Free Energy ? Volume One." See especially footnote #3: Schematic drawing of "Magnetstromapparat" constructed by using the sketches in the 1946 British Intelligence Report. One letter to SOLARIS reports that "The device Magnetstromapparat (possibly) had a radioactive coating, the information being left out of the 1946 B.I.O.S. report. According to "Steve"; "Usually the wiring is coated with a radium chloride or the likes to reduce resistance to practically zero. Also, if it is used in a capacitor, it then acts more like a semiconductor. Using it in the core's transformers does the same as the wiring trick plus a little more. As far as an antenna scenario, the wire now ionizes the surrounding air around the antenna wire like a bubble that is saturated to the max, thus any input from the atmosphere or anything, adds its energy to it." He added that he measured the resistance of a piece of wire and then did it again with the radium chloride. More times than not, the resistance was zero or a negative deflection. A second letter to SOLARIS, signed ASW, states that there is a lot of misinformation about the "Magnetstromapparat" out there, but "The device should work as described but it must be made as a resonant circuit, which is tricky because it works best at certain frequencies, also the electrical wavelength of the circuit helps efficiency also."

(   Institute for New Energy ranking of the "Stromerzeuger."

(   "The Gravity Gate" website. A Free Energy Experimenters Handbook by Raymond Dale, 1998. "This world is desperately crying out for a clean cheap renewable energy source. This booklet's intent is to stir and stretch the imaginations of all you thinking tinkerers out there with new ideas." Biographical profiles on 25 or so inventors, historic and contemporary. Motto: As Thomas Edison would say, "There is a better way. Find it."

(   Translation of a report by Professor W.O. Schumann on the examination of the apparatus of Mr. Coler in Berlin on March 19 & 20, 1926. Technical breakdown of Schumann's search for possibly concealed energy sources.

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