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Walter Russell is known as the "Man Who Tapped the Secrets of The Universe," "The Modern Leonardo," and "The Most Versatile Man in America." Gifted as a poet, painter, sculptor, author, musician, architect, scientist and mystic, Walter Russell's impact on early 20th century spiritual and scientific thought was impressive. His original and unique Periodic Table of the elements accurately predicted the location and characteristics of four undiscovered elements. It wouldn't be until years later that these elements deuterium, tritium, neptunium and plutonium were detected by laboratory researchers.

Tesla urged Russell, "Bury your ideas in a vault for a thousand years to await the unfolding of human consciousness to comprehend your vision."

Curiously, Russell developed this Periodic Table while in a heightened state of awareness. In fact, Russell's first "illumining" occurred in May 1878 when he was just seven years old. From then on, periodic enlightenments convinced Russell that God was teaching him "increasing innersensory perception instead of the outersensory perception of man's education concepts." (1)

This state of heightened awareness inspired his work and philosophy throughout his lifetime. When Russell was fourteen years old, the disease Black diptheria seemingly destroyed his throat and cut off his breathing. Doctors pronounced the illness fatal with a prognosis for death. In "The Story of My Illumining," Russell wrote, "Then, again, came the great Light which had come to me in my first illumining and I arose from my bed to the great amazement of my weeping parents and to the doctors who found that throat functioned as properly as though it were perfectly healed." Russell spent several weeks drawing and writing about the basic nature and structure of the universe. He sketched out the basis for the structure of atomic, solar and stellar systems, as well as the connection between sound, light and matter. His family thought him mad and fit for a mental institution, but the family doctor disagreed. The physician did not comprehend the complex thoughts that Russell was committing to paper, but he knew that Russell was definitely not crazy.

Walter Russell's inspirational awareness developed throughout his life. Russell wrote, "From that moment on, I fully knew that God had a purpose for my living to manifest Him by a life of demonstrating the power of man who knew God in him and worked knowingly with Him. This I fully knew, but I did not fully know of the transformation of unfolding man into his next Cosmic Age until the seventh full illumining of 1921, when my years were seven times seven. Up to this time my cosmic severances were forty-three."

In his brief autobiography, Russell renders an account and explanation of the illumination experience: "Usually the cosmic illumination has a duration of a few minutes or hours, leaving an aftermath of a few day, but no matter how brief it is, it completely transforms one into another higher being. My usual period through life has been about ten days following the first intensive few hours, but this 1921 period lasted for thirty-nine days and nights, beginning on May 10th and ending June 19th."

Russell continued: "The illumination into Cosmic Consciousness is an entirely spiritual experience and is the ultimate goal of all mankind, which completes the unfolding of the man-idea on earth. All down through man's unfolding it comes gradually to all people. Every inspiring thought which comes to you is a partial illumination. The geniuses of the world are those who have had the greatest number of spiritual inspirations."

Walter Russell was born in Boston on May 19, 1871. Although Russell garnered only a fifth grade education, along with five years of art school, his genius is legendary. He could play the piano before he could walk. He found that whatever he wished to know, he could learn just by desiring it in his heart. As a member of the benevolent Twilight Club, Walter Russell worked for the betterment of mankind in the tradition of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman and Oliver Wendell Holmes. The Twilight Club's philosophy of good works bore fruit in such notable service organizations as the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, the Boy Scouts of America, and eventually Russell's own University of Science and Philosophy he founded with his wife Lao in 1948. Lao was a prodigy in her own right. She began reading and writing at age three, penning fairy stories soon after, and sketching professional-level paintings when just eleven. Educated by private tutors, she later traveled extensively abroad, always curious about what the diverse peoples of the world desired from life. In addition to working with various charitable organizations, she founded a British magazine devoted to health and fitness. After reading a biography of the groundbreaking work of Walter Russell, she contacted him. Lao was 33 years younger than Walter, but the two of them teamed up in both marriage and as co-founders of the University of Science and Philosophy. Lao had devoted her life to changing the thinking of the world, and used her abundant talents and intellectual fortitude to write books that have inspired thousands of people all over the world (2).

During his lifetime, Russell inspired many of the best and brightest of the bold, free-energy researchers. Russell met Nikola Tesla to discuss their respective cosmologies. Although Tesla did not accept many of the tenants of relativity in vogue at the time and apparently never made the connection between matter and energy, he believed in the possibility of free and unlimited energy. After listening to the creative wisdom in Russell's teachings, Tesla urged him to, "Bury your ideas in a vault for a thousand years to await the unfolding of human consciousness to comprehend your vision." Like Tesla and T. Henry Moray, Russell believed in the transmutation of elements. Russell stated, "All dimension is an illusion, an appearance, due to rising potential, which must disappear into its inevitable sequence of lowering potential and again appear in endless cycles of appearance, disappearance and re-appearance? The efforts of man to transmute one element to another must be governed by this principle, and not upon the theory that another substance will be obtained by knocking out one electron." In fact, Russell apparently demonstrated the transmutation of gases in a research laboratory at the Westinghouse Lamp Company on September 30, 1927. Witnesses observed what appeared to be the transmutation of hydrogen and oxygen to nitrogen, and then nitrogen back to oxygen and hydrogen. (It has been decades since scientists thought transmutation occurred by "knocking out one electron." Recent research has achieved low energy transmutation by adding one or more protons to the nucleus.)

Walter Russell died in 1963, but his philosophical and visionary work is carried on by the University of Science and Philosophy. The University was established in 1957 due to the insightful effort of a few great philosophers. The December 1994 issue of the university's Science Journal published a report filed by the Russell Science Research (RSR) Colorado team of Ron Kovac, Toby Grotz, and Dr. Timothy Binder. Titled, "A Report On The Russell Science Research Team's Transmutation of Nitrogen into Lithium and Helium," the abstract is authored by electrical engineer and team member Ron Kovac. In a 1992/1993 attempt to verify Walter Russell's 1927 effort at transmutation, the RSR team states that they succeeded when they produced fluorine from water vapor. According to the report, "The first generation experiment utilized water injected into evacuated quartz tubes which were subsequently heated, placed in magnetic fields, allowed to cool while in the magnetic field, and then qualitatively analyzed with an emission spectroscope."

"The externally applied magnetic fields established shaped potential gradients within the quartz tubes that, according to Russell Cosmogony dual-polarity control gyroscopic plane of rotation concepts, would reshape/reconfigure the atoms centripetal/centrifugal vortices to produce the appearance of a different atom ? transmutation!" (3) A July 1994 test of the transmutation with a computerized mass spectrometer (also called a residual gas analyzer) apparently confirmed the results "as indisputable and can be easily reproduced in any sophisticated laboratory."

In the philosophical tradition of the visionary Russell, the Science Journal of the University of Science and Philosophy published a report on a purportedly free-energy device designed by inventor/researcher Paul Raymond Jensen. Jensen writes, "I have built a transformer which supplies more power to its load than is drawn from its primary source. I named this device The Unidirectional Transformer (UDT) because the magnetic reaction of the load current does not affect the magnetic action of the primary circuit. The free-energy action of the UDT follows directly from the laws of magnetic circuits." Jensen describes his device in detail and offers the information therein free to the public. However, Jensen hopes that "no one will attempt to patent and control this type of transformer. The time on Planet Earth is 15 minutes before midnight; there is no time left to waste. Free-energy technology is not meant to be controlled by vain and greedy parasites who wish to use a gift of God to exploit their fellow man. Free-energy technology represents a spiritual transition of the human race. Free-energy is not meant to be owned, period!" The spiritualist and scientist Walter Russell would heartily agree.

Tesla's advice to bury Russell's visionary philosophy for a thousand years was a bit dramatic. It is time to let those universal processes articulated by Russell propel scientists forward in their efforts to create a new non-polluting and sustainable technology.

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(1) The University of Science and Philosophy is devoted exclusively to the Science of Spiritual Man. The conventional university prepares its youth to meet the mechanical and physical conditions that arise from the operation of an industrial, political and economical system. There has never been an adequate institution devoted solely to the nurture of genius in man. It is noteworthy that the greatest men of all time have come out of obscurity and fought their way into recognition against the resistance of the whole world of materialist man.

(2) The Institute For New Energy (INE) is an official US non-profit technical organization and believes that the planet Earth is in peril and something needs to be done immediately to save it from environmental destruction.

(3) The Science Journal of the University of Sciences and Philosophy, Vol. 3, No. 2, December 1994, "A Report on the Russell Science Research Team's Transmutation of Nitrogen into Lithium and Helium."


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