Dr. Konstantin Meyl: Transmission of Power Without Wires (Scalar Waves)

A demonstration of Nikola Tesla's theory of the transmission of power without the use of wires using EM 'Scalar Waves'. Demonstration by Professor Dr. Konstantin Meyl of Germany.
Transmission of Power Without Wires (Scalar Waves) < http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1426638491693188239&q=meyl >

text from video:
October 2003 - Wireless transmission of electricity - according to Nikola Tesla
In this video you will see a small electric motor boat with no onboard power of any kind. The boat is receiving power from Scalar Waves being sent from the Scalar-wave transmitter located above the covered tank.

Scalar-Wave Transmitter
This device transmits power without wires to the boat in the tank below. the second tower is also receiving power via scalar waves. Look at the base of the 2nd tower to see small lights bein lit via wireless transmission of power.

This experiment is based on the work of Nikola Tesla and is presented here by Professor Dr. Konstantin Meyl - University of Applied Sciences - 1st Transfer Center of Scalar wave technology - St. Georgen, Germany
for more information - please contact - Dr. Konstantin Meyl - [email protected]

also note this!

At the First Nikola Tesla Energy Science Conference & Exposition 2003, in Washington D.C., Prof. Dr.-Ing Konstantin Meyl presented his "Power Engineering Scalar Field Theory - Faraday vs. Maxwell and Demonstration of Longitudinal Wave Transmission" lecture, in which he explains:

* How one can modify the basic equations of electromagnetic field to include longitudinal waves which result in a true revolution in electromagnetics.
* How to correctly expand the classical electromagnetic field theory to include longitudinal/Tesla waves.
* How Faraday's experiments were actually describing a much broader electromagnetics than was later derived by Maxwell and curtailed to an even more primitive state by others so that today's engineers are literally handicapped when using it.
* How the missing experimental pieces eventually came from the work of Tesla.
* How the forgotten ideas of Nikola Tesla are the missing pieces which prevent scientists from reaching the goal of a comprehensible unified field theory.

!!! Meyl also presents a small version of his wireless transmission of energy, carrying electrical energy without losses to the other side of the table with an "impossible" 1.5-times the speed of light. !!!

!!! Meyl also discusses many new applications which can now be not only better understood but also built and used in our every day life !!!

"The impact of such an expansion is immense and requires a complete change in thinking and a revision of the very foundations of physics in general. Do scalar waves exist or not? In Meyl's extended field theory they come about naturally eliminating the need for any "exotic" theories such as as superstrings, dark matter, revising even the theory of relativity."

Presented at the First Nikola Tesla Energy Science Conference & Exposition 2003 in Washington DC before astonished audience who just couldn't believe what they were seeing. 110 min. long. A must see for everyone.

consult http://www.meyl.eu for moreinformation on Meyl, Meyl's writings and Meyl's demonstration devices.

unified field theory

This is absolutely amazing but it isn't a surprise for me. There are many discoveries that are kept away from being implemented because such a revolution would change the balance of power in the world. People who have power do not want that of course.
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