The Intelligence of Water

Dr Masaru Emoto's 'Thoughts on Water' seminar enraptures audience with photographed frozen water crystals, showing the mysterious response of water to thoughts, words and pictures.

By Chris Thomas
Jul 09, 2006

The Epoch Times New Zealand Staff

Dr Masaru Emoto during his "Thoughts on Water" seminar held in Wellington last week. (Chris Thomas/The Epoch Times)

Dr Emoto's original and groundbreaking research reveals that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness.

His discoveries are becoming well known around the world, particularly after featuring in the documentary "What the bleep do we know?"

His experiments include photographing differences between water crystals after attaching different word labels to identical bottles of water, playing different types of music to water, sending good and bad thoughts towards water, and showing images to water, has revealed that water has life, memory, and intelligence.

The experiments also show that water responds positively to moral messages by becoming clear, and negatively to immoral messages by becoming dirty.

Last weeks show in Wellington sold out over two weeks in advance and was a huge success. Humour was combined with interesting discoveries and theories that had the crowd's deep attention.

Dr Emoto showed images of water crystals from around the world, including one of a freshwater crystal from Petone that was very beautiful.

Dr Emoto, who describes himself as an "original thinker" rather than a scientist explains how we can better care for, and improve our current water supplies, "If we can show our love and gratitude to water, it will become more beautiful and pure.

I think if each one of us on earth can do this, we won't need any chemical treatment or other purification for water."

And if you think that sounds a bit far-fetched, he has plenty of photographic evidence to prove it.

The seminar at Paramount Theatre was a visual symphony with Dr Emoto's images of water experiments using sound, words, and pictures; and he shared explanations and concepts around energy and vibration. He postulated that water is the best conductor of vibration, and without vibration there is no life.

He demonstrated that the similarity between substances of the same vibration meant they can give energy to each other. He showed this by striking one of two identical tuning forks. He then silenced the struck fork to show that the untouched fork was now vibrating strongly and had received energy.

He spoke that this was only one particular vibrating frequency, and he believes humans cover all frequencies in this world, meaning human vibrations can influence all vibrations in this world. He also believes the dissimilarity in the vibrations of people today is manifested in the current sickness of the earth.

"Water is the mirror of our hearts," he said.

"The new age movement has been around for a while, but there has never been something tangible for people to look into, and the shift from materialism towards spirituality has not moved too well. Yet, something as tangible as water crystals can help people move in the right direction."

Dr Emoto, aged 63 years, hails from Yokohama, Japan. As a university graduate he established the International Health Management (IHM) Corporation in 1986, and became a certified doctor of alternative medicine in 1992.

He was introduced to the concept of micro cluster water in the US, and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology. Dr Emoto then began his extensive research into the mysteries of water, and discovered mirco-water crystal photography.

He is also the author of the best-selling books: Messages from Water, The Hidden Messages in Water, and The True Power of Water.

Dr Emoto also revealed his plan to distribute to schools worldwide 6 million free copies of a book he has written to educate children about the importance of water.

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