Stanley Meyer's Gas Voltage Control Circuit - Patents

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The Patent called "Gas Generator Voltage Control Circuit"

The patent can be downloaded from the link below. Please use save target as for all downloads

I personally feel that reading this patent will give you the best explanation of the Stanley Meyers Discovery of using Voltage Potential.

The Hydrogen Fracturing Process Book (Water Fuel Cell Technical Brief)
Has been converted to PDF by a member it is available for download in 14 PDF Files

these are available for download here

If you would like a printed Book please contact Nutech here

There are also DVDs available at my website here


Nutech have available the same footage but in video cassette.

If you want to view all of Meyers patents they are available here my website

You can download them through the United States Patent Office, for a small charge.

Here is list of Meyers most relevent patents. I currently have. If you have any others please upload them.

Gas generator voltage control circuit

Method for the production of a fuel gas

Controlled process for the production of thermal energy from gases and apparatus useful therefore

Hydrogen gas injector system for internal combustion engine

Start-up/shut-down for a hydrogen gas burner

Hydrogen gas burner

Gas electrical hydrogen generator

Stan Meyer

Thank you for the great information you offer here on Mr.Meyer. I want to build a small version of the hydrogen generator and I have found the information here invaluable so I just wanted to thank you for your time in doing so. I personally think Mr. Meyer was doing some great research in this feild and I ask, where were our great Universities and Schools in America. why werent they first in realizing something so elementary? it took a real American like Mr Meyer to stand up and do it himself w/o the help of anyone...what a great person. Im disappointed in my countrys treatment of this great man, an ohio court founded him a fraud by labeling his device as a free energy machine, Mr Meyer never claimed that. If his machine was fraudulent then why did the Saudi oilmen offer him alot of money to sit on his idea? You think the Saidis would try to buy out a crank? I doubt that. Cheers to Mr Meyer, a brilliant and noble American.

stan meyer

Just want to say thank you for providing information on this technology, you would expect to pay for this info and i am Happy to find people like me are out there, keep it up and soon they'll have nothing to hold against us ( power mongers and oil companies)I am from New Zealand and even here i know of two inventors shut down while working on this technology. It's amazing that oneday they are promoted in the papers etc and nothing is heard after that? well keep on keeping on.


There was a program at Texas A&M University researching the separation of water into HHO.The research was centered on finding the most efficient voltage and frequency to produce HHO as a fuel source.The research was underway and then nothing was ever heard of it again.

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