Does the Poppel report contradict the 2nd law of thermodynamics in any way?

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Does the Poppel report contradict the 2nd law of thermodynamics in any way?
If it does how?
 If it does not why not?
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Hi John et al!
Well, the Pöpel report of the Stuttgart trials contains two different parts.
The first is on the bathtube vortex and how it behaves. I have CD in English on this (20 USD in HTML format if you are interested) where you can find a shortened version of the Pöpel report and also our work with this.
The second part is how the flow is inside different type of tubes. What is measured is the resistance (friction) in the tube related to the flow.
What is interesting here is if you have two tubes with the same geometry but one in glass and one in copper, the copper tubes has lower friction to the flow. So Viktors talk about copper in his devices has some meaning (conventional physics... :-)  )
However the most interesting tube was a copy of the Kudu antelope horn made of copper. When this was tested it first show similar characteristics as the other tubes but at a certain flow the friction curve went down to zero and the water " seemd to leave the walls and shaped its of form inside the tube". Some people interprets this as "negative friction". Friction can never be negative! In my meaning we must look on this as self sucction in the tube. When the "piano" has been tuned or when all small vortices are phased together the system self organises into a super structure where the water in the central part get a huge speed along the central flow axis. It is this Viktor utilises in his Heimkraftwerk.
Now, is this against the second law of thermodynamics (2ThL) ?? First 2ThL has two similar definitions (Clausius or Kelvin) but in a popular way you can say that energy has a tendency to move from a hot body to a cold body, the entrophy is increased. Now this is for a CLOSED system. Then what is a closed system?? Is the universe closed in some meaning? With closed means that the system (box) is not exchanging energy with its environment.
I would say that a vortex is definitely an OPEN system, so here the 2ThL is not applicable. But on the other hand the vortex is gathering energy and gives structure to it, the entrophy is lowered, so here you contradicts the 2ThL. But on the other hand again, the whole Kingdom of plants does this....
IMHO, the 2thL is not applicable to the phenomena with self suction in the Kudu tube as this is an open system!
Still confused, but on a higher level... :-)

poepel pipe

negative friction should mean, I think, that the entropy of the water is lowered and the sum of the energies potential energy by height, pressure energy and kinetic energy is increased. While positive friction warms the water up, negative should cool it down, so it is able to take heat energy from the surrounding. This open system can easily be closed, just by connecting the pipe outlet with the inlet to have a perpetuum mobile. But I doubt that it works. people have tested it, but we still depend on oil.

vortex self organising flow standing wave harmonics

We are beginning to understand how we can interact with the building blocks of the universe and move beyond limiting and limited thinking.

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