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Here's my take on the similarities between the Tesla Turbine and the Schauberger Repulsine: Both are VERY similar in what is happening inside the units. In the Tesla Turbine, which, by the way, I have almost a decade of logged time in research and development, we have a spiraling vortex compression device. Adhesion and viscosity, naturally play a large part in how the turbine is driven. The singular problem with the Tesla Turbine is this: at start-up, it want to behave as if it were a Tesla Pump. Meaning, the central opening in the disk pack is "sucking" in air or fluid, and that sucking force must be overcome by the propelling fluid. This little tidbit of info always puzzled me, UNTIL, that is, when I started reading about Schauberger's Repulsine. Add to this the fact that, when the Tesla Turbine is run at internal temperatures high enough to cause the disks to become maliable (ie. above 1200 deg f.) they began to show definate similarities to Schauberger's wavy plates (in the Repulsine) - short of one difference - they scalloped like a clam shell.

So... we have something else happening, short of the natural tendancy for the disks to warp. Tesla attributed this effect to pure quality steel at the time, and even patented a new turbine design (the 1921 patent). He KNEW something was happening, unfortunately, instead of allowing it to happen and propogate - he saught to remedy the disk warpage. WRONG.

Schauberger KNEW what and why the flow through his disk pack - the Repulsine - was for... and WHY. It is to allow a centripital expansion and then compression. Wave mechanics do not do this justice. Along with the compression and expansion is a bio-electric energy flow. Remember? Schauberger used copper disks, coated with silver.

So... we now have two types of rotary engines. One, the Tesla turbine, which, under most circumstances, is a fantastic engine. We then have this Repulsine of Schauberger's. If you read through Callum Coats books, the POWER of a Repulsine is staggering! The lifting capabilities are equally staggering. It sheared off 6 half- inch bolts from its mounting plates and took off through the roof of the factory. That's some serious energy.

Well... all we really wait for at present, is future investor funding. We have the designs, we have the necessary engineering... we are only waiting for the mulah to flow in and we will attempt to replicate Schauberger's work.

Just my little two cents on things...

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i kinda would like to keep this idea for my own but the need is for me not to. can a telsa turbine be builtpossible arangement with the type and placement of pitucular materials so as to have an alternator built out of the very turbine itself? sorry about my slop typing. Also are you filmular with the disc blades of a meat slicer? they are circular, very symeterical, and very strong. if you don't have time to anwser this email. so few of us do. thanks Robin

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