PKS seminars summary (08-09 june2002) (15-16 June 2002)



Date:        08-09 June 2002
Location:     PKS Villa, Bad Ischl, Austria
Speakers:    Callum Coats (main speaker)

– Various topics on the works of Viktor Schauberger (VS)

Richard Feierabend:
- Research into German flying saucer project.
- How he obtained documents and prototypes from Karl Gerchsheimer.

Kurt Gellner (Craftsman and musician)
- Video demonstration of a Vortex Wood Burning Stove he designed.

Curt Hallberg (Sweden)
Objecties and research of IET (Institutet för Ekologisk Teknik) – formerly the Malmö Group.

NOTES: These notes are only a brief  account of the topics covered by the lectures given at the PKS seminar, not a detailed explanation of the topics covered.

Most of the topics discussed by Callum Coats are in the book ”Living Energies”.

Callum Coats (CC)

Brief History of VS and his Work

- In some of his many writings, VS claimed to have found the solution to ridding the world of nuclear waste, but would not divulge the process until the world decided to stop using nuclear power.

- Built 1st log flume in 1922 in Steyrling.

- VS contructed experiments to demonstrate to Prof Phillip Forscheimer (PF - renown retired hydrologist) that Vs’s theories on water movement were correct. PF eventually accepted VS’s views on water.

- VS’s views:    Energy is primary
Form is secondary – all matter is an illusion

- Moss tips pointing upstream in a fast flowing river is an indication of a healthy river.

- Turbulence is a natural brake in flowing water – prevents it flowing too fast.

- VS developed a water turbine for a wilderness hut (Austrian patent No 117749 issued on 10 may 1930). VS’s design produced 9 times more power for a given water flow than with a conventional design of water turbine.

- Schladming Group (1980’s) in Austria worked on a design based on an egg and hyperbolic cone. One delegate at the seminar knew the people conducting the experiments. Austrian authorities told them to stop their work before experiments were completed, using the excuse that they did not want to see these devices popping up all over the countryside. (See ”Living Energies” Ch13 Pp176-7)

- VS’s view is of 2 forms of temperature at work in nature:
    Rising & expanding heat; Falling and concentrating cold.
    Falling and concentrating heat (eg. sunlight); Rising and expanding cold.

- VS’s concepts of improvements in agriculture involved improvements in the energies active in and on the soil.
His views on the conventional plow were - it created a pressure wave which weakened or destroyed galvanic currents and hence destroyed the structure of water molecules in the soil, and it destroyed the soil capillaries.

- He conceived the ”Bio-Plough ”(which was never built) – see ”Living Energies” Ch19 P259 – which rotated the soil thru 360o, to minimise disturbance of the soil’s energies. According to VS, the Bio-Plough should duplicate the work of the mole.
VS, when conducting field trials using copper plated ploughs, obtained an increase in productivity averaging 20-30%.
Production of Cu based agrcultural implements never occurred due to intervention of corrupt govt officials.

Concepts of Energy

- Current technology is using energy forms which do not conform with Nature’s processes.

- Creative Energy comes before material form - ie. Energy is PRIMARY – Form is SECONDARY
Matter is drawn into Energy’s wake.
Concentrated Energy is SILENT

In a tornado, the concentration of energy creates nearly solid matter.

NOTE: According to one American delegate at the seminar, nearly all tornados in Northern Hemisphere rotate anti-clockwise. In the 1990’s (?) there was one particularly devastating tornado in Kansas which rotated clockwise!!!

There is no physical centre in a vortex – (could this be the answer to the ”Black Hole” phenomenon at the centre of each galaxy??? … my thoughts)
VS stated that natural motion in open natural systems consisted of 3 components:

Orbital – eg sun orbiting the sun

Rotational – eg earth spinning on its axis

Circulation – eg earth’s magnetic field


Water is much more than H2O - VS considered water to be the transmutator of energy between the Cosmos and Earth.

Water properties at +4C:
-    Water is at is densest point
-    Water has its greatest energy content
-    Water at +4C is at its healthiest state

Water has its lowest specific heat at +37.5C – it takes greater amounts of heat or cold to change water from this temperature. Body temp is +37C. VS said this is no accident (blood is over 90% water) – very significant for development of life.

Water has a dielectric value (the capacity to resist transfer of an electric charge) of 81 - 81 greater than a vacuum.

Some work has been done on water properties at different temperatures, but CC doesn’t know the results of the work carried out.

Dew drops, before sunrise, are charged with lots of levitational energy. When sunlight falls on the dew drops, the levitational forces are diminished, and gravitational forces predominate.

True spring water is full of maternal (female) substances.

CC’s view is that neutrons are the source of  levitational life forces.

Rain fall is more beneficial for plants than irrigation water.

Water molecules are dipoles (+ve at one end & -ve at the opposite end). When they fall, electrical and magnetic energies are generated.

Salts precipitate out of water at +4C

VS stated that sea water at +4C in the ocean depths may be fresh due to the salts being precipitated out at that temperature.
VS also proposed using a system to extract water from the ocean depths, without the use of pumps, to generate electricity cheaply and almost without consuming power.


Sap transportation is achieved by conversion of carbonic acid into CO2 gas bubbles at the plant roots. The rising bubbles carry the sap to leaves at the crowns of the trees.

VS said transpiration at the leaves doesn’t pull the sap – the sap columns would break (the maximum height a water column can attain is 10m – any longer than this, and the column breaks, making transpiration impossible in trees taller than 10m. Plants and trees are sensitive to the electromagnetic spectrum in the UV to infrared range.

VS view a tree as a biomagnetic condenser (cf.  magnetic fields generated by magnets).

VS said there is a potential difference between the core and outer layers of a tree – enough to light up small bulbs. Walter Schauberger conducted experiments on numerous trees around his home, and was able to light up small bulbs. The locals wondered what he was up to!!!

Mathematics of the Vortex

I’ve not made any notes on this since they would not make much sense to me, let alone anyone else.

Richard Feierabend (RF)

Investigation of German UFO project and discovery of VS material in USA

RF investigated the WW2 German ”Flying Saucer Project”. One name that cropped up frequently was Viktor Schauberger.
Discovered that Karl Gerchsheimer. Robert Donner and Norman Dodd had brought VS & WS (Walter Schauberger – son) to USA in 1958, with several crates of papers and prototype models, to develop practical applications of implosion technology. VS & WS returned home empty handed and had to leave all prototypes, drawings & papers behind after VS was pressured into signing a document which was not fully translated.

RF made contact with Gerchsheimer, and shortly before Gerchsheimer’s death, visited him and, with KG’s permission, removed all the prototypes, models & papers he could find, including a repulsine. He still doesn’t know if he got all the stuff.

RF contacted the Schauberger family to inform them that he had obtained most (if not all) of the material VS and WS were forced to leave behind in Texas in 1958.

RF has been cataloging all the documents and prototypes and showed slides of much of the material he gathered and documented.

RF is still slowly returning the materials to the Schauberger archives at PKS.

Kurt Gellner
Presentation of Work with Musical Instruments and Wood Burning Stoves
Web site:

Kurt is a local Craftsman and musician living near Bad Ischl
He gave a presentation of how he uses Kudu Horn to make musical instruments

He showed a video of the Vortex wood burning stove he designed

Some interesting facts about the Vortex wood burning stove:

It provides complete combustion at a much lower temperature (approx +600C according to Kurt Gellner) than with a conventional wood burning stove.

Therefore it is more fuel efficient than a conventional wood burning stove.

Because the hot air vortexes inside the combustion chamber, it doesn’t disappear instantantly straight up the chimney, providing more efficient heating for less fuel.

Air vents are located all around the stove, introducing air tangentially to create the vortex in the chamber.

For more details, see web site

Curt Hallberg

Research and Objectives of the former Malmö Group – now known as IET (Institutet för Ekologisk Teknik)

Web Sites: – to be maintained purely as a Viktor Schauberger site.

The former Malmö Group recreated a number of Viktor Schauberger’s experiments. The book ”Living Water” highlights some of the results of the experiments the group conducted.

They conducted VS’s ”Water Jets” experiment & experienced a light phenomenon.
They recreated the ”Stuttgart Experiments (1952) conducted by Prof. Franz Pöpel at Stuttgart Technical University.
They also experimented with a repulsator – an egg shaped glass jar. It contained an agitator in the base to stimulate vortical movement of the water. Only a glass container was experimented with.
The repulsator, 60-70cm high, was placed placed in the ground wider end down and filled only with spring water – a beneficial energy effect was noticed by improved plant growth in the zone indicated in the following diagram:

IET policies (read IET web site for further details):
    Develop new technology based on natural processes.
    Act as a loose network of scientists and engineers.
    To develop the concept of working with processes.
    To spread ideas and information.
Current aims of the IET:
    Development of wind turbine based on VS’s principles.
    Make fresh water from sea water.
    Test products on the market which claim to improve the quality of tap water.
Wind turbine design project: (See
    Use a barong (improvement on the VS egg shape) – combination of egg & hyperbolic cone shapes. Modern plastics and fibreglass are good materials for making the forms.
    To be designed to use a super high flow rate of air.
    Use ”wavy disks” – lower one fixed and upper one rotating to effectively introduce an infinite number of spirals from the centre to the outer rim.
Testing Water Quality Products Project (See
    Aim to test the energy content and water structure before and after treatment by various devices on the market
    Plan to test water using the Kirlean Process. Need to obtain a Kirlean Machine from Russia (costs about USD $6000).


Water and Landscape, the Inseparable Unity

Date:        15-16 June 2002
Location:     PKS Villa, Bad Ischl, Austria
Christian Steinbach
Otmar Grober

Otmar Grober
Control of Rivers Using Natural Methods Based on VS Principles
I can’t do justice to the explanations of his theories and techniques so I’ve pointed out a few interesting comments during his lectures.
Maximum speed water can attain in a normal flowing river is 32 km/hr.
Fish are the most important indicators of water quality
In some areas fish are induced to spawn all year round (presumably to try and restock the rivers) – this is NOT natural!!!
Water temperature and the moon have influences on water flow and gravel removal capabilities.
Water is feminine.

Christian Steinbach
Properties of Water
Qualities of Spring Water:
-    Good quality spring water has a temperature of around 6oC
-    Has a slightly alkaline pH
-    Mineral content is very important
Only 3% of the world’s water is suitable for supporting human life.
Some properties of water:
-    The most important property is the anomaly point of 4oC at which it is at its maximum density.
-    It can store a large amount of thermal energy.
-    In can hold information energy – water holds memory!!! (See book by Michel Schiff, ”Memory of Water”.
-    Electromagnetic Energy affects the structure of water.
-    Water ionisation – it can exixt in an ionic state.
-    Water has kinetic energy.
-    Water which has not been exposed to daylight can be energised passively.
-    Water has electrical energy – molecules are bipolar.
-    Water has chemical energy.
-    Water form tetrahedral clusters due to H-bonding between H atoms of adjacent molecules.
-    Water remembers its structure – if melted and refrozen, it recrystallises in its original structure.
-    A bacterium can imprint a memory into a water cluster structure. If UV light sis used to kill the bacterium, the memory of its occurrence still remains in the water, and it can still make you ill. It’s not enough just to kill the bacterium
-    Water has more than 90 anomalous properties!!!
Both harmonic and disharmonic frequencies can exist in a body of water. Quartz crystals can be used to remove the disharmonic frequencies because the tetrahedral structure of its crystals is very similar to that of water.

Preparation of Ski Slopes Using Natural Methods Based on VS Principles
Christian Steinbach discussed the techniques he uses for ski slope preparation. I can’t find any web site explaining this work, and won’t bother going into it in these notes.
68% of all fresh water on earth is locked up in ice and snow
Densities od snow and water:
    1 m3 fresh powder snow    70-80 kg
    1 m3 wet snow            approx 800 kg
    1 m3 ice            approx 900 kg
Important parameters to consider for ski slope preparation:
    REDOX potential.
    Surface tension of water.
    Mineral content of water being used.
    Effect of Moon.
    Snow humitidy.
Air humidity

Interesting web sites on water properties: (Probably the best for information on properties of water)