Buckminster Fuller - Guinea Pig B Book




*"B" stands for Bucky: "Guinea Pig B" was the last manuscript Fuller finished before his death and it constituted Bucky's final rendering of accounts with God and with his fellow man for the course of his life. He intended it to be read with his collected patents, his honorary doctorates, and the Basic Biography prepared by his office, which lists all his primary and secondary social functions, academic appointments, awards, publications, exhibitions, museum shows, major domes, and keynote addresses -- i.e., as much of his life as could be objectively listed, quantified, and tallied. (The Basic Biography is available from the R. Buckminster Fuller Institute, 3501 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, for five dollars.) Although he died a few months before publication of this book, Fuller oversaw all stages of the work except the final reading of the galleys. -- Ed.