David Dennard

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What is Whirlpower? Whirlpower is a gravitational force of spinning mass. While spinning a charge makes an additional magnetic force, spinning mass makes an additional gravitational force. The greater the wobble the more it will affect its surrounding area. All spinning objects wobble be it ever so great or small. It acts like a lever as far as how gravity affects the area around a spinning mass.

When the hurricane gets big and fast enough, the eye wall wobbles and pulls the hurricane. This acceleration is Whirlpower.

The debris field kicked up by the tornado that picks up huge objects like cars, houses, the infamous flying cows, etc., is the effect of the spinning vortex on its surrounding area. This effect is Whirlpower.

When a neutron star spins at 300 revolutions per second it causes matter to spin around it in orbit at 1,000 revolutions per second. That acceleration is Whirlpower.

A black hole frame drags gas around it, and it is "wobbling like a child's toy top as it slows its spin and begins to teeter in all directions" (quote from Kathy Sawyer, the Washington Post).

The Earth spins and wobbles. This action pulls on the Moon increasing its orbital radius. This increase is Whirlpower.

The sun spins and the wobble drives the planets. Whirlpower.

The Galaxy spins like a giant hurricane, the dense core wobbles and the stars proceed. Need I say more?

Of course. And I have to keep saying it till we build the whirlpool. The hurricane is said the be the most mysterious event in nature. It was announced on the news recently that "almost everything science had thought to be true about the vortex before, was wrong"!

Now you don't have to be an Einstein to see a pattern starting to develope. If you read my theory in detail and look at my "childish sketches", I describe a machine that can use Whirlpower to generate electricity and clean water.

We need Whirlpower NOW!

Whirlpower is about gravity being "The Force" and how that force works. It is the Phoenix, Tao of Eagle, the "Way" things work, the principle of flight, the power of the hurricane, the driving force of the Universe. It is opening the void. Density displacement. Motion due to gravity.

Gravity is like the balance of the scale, it will always try to balance. It causes the motion by pulling on the more dense thus pushing away the less dense. It attempts to find density displacement balance. The heat carried in the void is real, but it is not the origin. Understanding this leads to understanding how gravity really works and how a machine can be made to harness this force. Whirlpower is one of many design concepts that can harness the force of gravity. It is simple and easy to understand once you understand "Pearl of Wisdom". If you think it is creating energy then you don't understand Whirlpower. It is not free energy any more that solar, wind or hydro. Actually all energy is given freely by nature but there is no "free energy". It all comes from "The Force" of gravity.

Whirlpower is "The Way" (The Tao) to follow the pattern nature provides and make a "full circle system".

David G. Dennard The Phoenix http://www.whirlpower.cc