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Vortex power offers free energy, levitation, space travel, teleportation, transmutation, understanding of gravity and other effects, if used in accordance with nature. Vortex mechanics is the ultimate special-effects maker.

VortexScience.com reveals how nature’s tools can create harmonious enlightened technology. But there’s more. When you get into vortex mechanics, something huge starts to dawn on you: awareness of the invisible, or transparent, universe. Key to that awareness is the interaction of electrostatic and magnetic fields, as well as magnetic vortices, or vortices in other mediums such as sound, air or water.

VortexScience.com engineer William Baumgartner has been inspired by works of Dr. Walter Russell, Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla and by Magnetic Energy to heal the Planet, which he researched and built prototypes for decades. He learned how nature uses the vortex in assembling and taking apart its creations -- from microscopic to cosmic-scale.

To apply vortex mechanics in technologies, you first study natural processes. Baumgartner advises, “Don’t just look through the eyes of academics. See directly. Drop intellectual expectations of certain outcomes. In our experience, those ideas don’t fit with what nature actually does.”

In reality, there’s nothing but motion even at the subatomic level. Comprehending this could free humankind to move around in the universe and outgrow scarcity-thinking. Vortexscience.com opens a door to seeing causes of effects suchas gravitation/ levitation, polarity or manifestation.

Everything is first an idea inscribed onto the matrix : invisible “mirrors”in space’s structure that act as memory storage disks. The vortex -- workhorse of the universe -- compresses and projects an image into a physical dimension. An image is registered as a matrix in “the recording mechanism of nature” and can be retrieved anytime. Whoa. Think what an enlightened civilization could do with such knowledge, starting with health rejuvenation.

Meanwhile we’ll look at the vortex in nature -- tornados, hurricanes, water hoses on lakes and oceans, and the many (visible and transparent) vortices associated with insects, birds and marine life.

Then we look for corresponding vortex movements in hydraulic pressure fields or electric or magnetic fields. Nature also produces magnets (with cone-shaped fields), such as Earth. We can apply vortex principles and answer questions such as “How does magnetism work?” Vortexscience.com has surprises for you on that, plus insights on magnetism and health.

We reveal basics behind vortex mechanics, starting with:

No two substances in the universe are separate. All is one substance. Call it space fabric, magnetic energy, ether, “zero-point energy”, vacuum or whatever; that unifying substance exists. To the physical senses it’s a nothingness, but in the world beyond the senses it exists as the invisible universe which controls the visible universe. That invisible universe is made of energy which appears through motion only -- as does everything.

With emerging knowledge, society could replace harmful Hertzian electromagnetics. For communications including the Internet, we could employ longitudinal vortices (scalar technologies) that instantly transfer messages throughout the universe without the speed of light concept science cherishes so much at the present?

When people learn to imitate nature’s beneficial use of the invisible mechanics of space, we’ll get natural exciting, harmonious non-polluting technologies.