Dr. Evgeny Sorokodum - Vortex Oscillation Technology Ltd


Dr. Evgeny Sorokodum Was born in 1943. I have two sons Kirill and to Ruman and daughter Natasha.
Owner and Director “Vortex Oscillation Technology Ltd.” Member of the Renewable Power Association of UK.  









Vortex Oscillation Technology Ltd


Dr. Evgeny Sorokodum
Volochaevskaya Street, 40-b, Flat 38, 111033, Moscow, Russia
Telephone/fax: (7) - (095) -362 80 84


My company has elaborated new high technologies on the basis of extraordinary oscillating, wave and vortex effects.

In accordance with your orders our team can carry out research, development and production of operating models of the following highly efficient devices:

- flying and swimming vehicles;

- wind-hydro power plants with oscillating working elements (wings, cylinders and other forms);

- vortex-oscillatory heat pumps and renewable energy plants;

- plants for water condensation from atmosphere and for natural gas liquefaction;

- various devices for accelerated and low-cost technological processes (mixers, mills, separators, washing and drying devices, etc);

- attractions and scientific toys.

We can also carry out on your orders:

- specific calculations and research;

- atlases of aerodynamic characteristics of quasi steady and non-linear oscillation modes of various bodies (wings, cylinders and other forms);

- scientific reviews, books and research reports;

- consultations on extraordinary oscillation, wave and vortex processes both in air and liquid;

- training scientific researchers (Ph. D.).

Under the condition of the setting-up of joint venture we propose:

- joint ownership and sale of patents, licenses and publications;

- participation in the development of industrial models;

- participation in further improvement of serial products.