John R.R. Searl

SEG - Searl's Electromagnetic Generator


"...Even more dramatic effects including concentric thermal “walls” were reported. These rings of magnetic fields around the device felt discernibly colder to the physical senses in addition to registering 6-8 degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature. And when the laboratory was darkened, the Russian scientists observed an unusual toroidal field of blue-pink glowing luminescence around the converter when it was in operation. Godin and Roschin admit they cannot explain these phenomena using the conventional models of physics. Please see:" ' "...And orgone energy is said to manifest as a blue glow. Could this be part of what the Russians observed in their glowing blue-pink coronal discharge? And what is the pink part? So far nobody has even offered a theory including the Russian scientists who could not make a guess themselves! ..."

"...Searl claims health improves with exposure to the properly-working device, and as proof mentions the healing of burns he had suffered in a kitchen accident. If the SEG device is tapping into and running on orgone or life-energy, beneficial effects rather than harm would be expected...."

"..Searl says that his device is “a function of nature and it does not require the use [of] force against nature” in order to remain in operation..."

"...Suffice it to say that both Bearden and Searl have invented magnetic generators, and that both are using a mathematical system as the underpinning to their work.

Page 185 #726 contains a summary of the Searl Effect written by Fernando Morris, who concludes:

“The electrons are then attracted brought back to the centre of the S.E.G. where again the electrons are stripped of their kinetic energy; a cycle that repeats continuously, taking advantage of energy that is not limited. These natural and clean sources of energy are of the highest quality, clearly the S.E.G. neither creates nor destroys energy, it only gathers and controls it temporarily in to a useful form of electrical power.” ..."