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From: Dan Janzen <[email protected]>
Date: Sun Aug 14, 2005 4:37 pm
Subject: Re: [viktorschaubergergroup] Is there any workable technology yet? janzen200

He also has a website. Everyone should get Nick Cooks book Hunt for Zero Point, Hitlers Flying Saucers--Stevens, Flying Saucers--50 Years of Suppression--David Hatcher Childress, Electrogravitics--Valone, Cosmic Conspiracy--Stan Deyo, UFO Revelation--Timothy Good, The Great UFO Hoax--Kanon, Project Beta--Greg Bishop, William Lyne's books Pentagon Aliens & Occult Aether Physics, & Steven Greer's book Disclosure (disregard any sources referring to aliens--all produced by the government's (mostly Air Force counter intelligence) disinformation program).

Take special note of this list. You need to read the majority of them before you get the big picture of what is going on. You will be surprised at how much agreement there is from book to book if you read the right books.


From: PETER AMY <[email protected]>
Date: Thu Aug 18, 2005 4:42 pm
Subject: hyperbolic cones peter632300

I will tell the group about the tornado machine....currently in the process of construction.

At the moment the local engineering company is making an axle and hyperbolic cones which direct the water flowing up into the hollow skirt leading to the pipe inlets. The are based on a path curve egg outline; the lower one acts as a bearing for the lower end of the axle. I felt that having a rotor fixed at one end only might be too unstable. So it floats in a teflon sheath inside the lower cone lubricated with water. The cone will be fixed to the bottom of the enclosing vessel; not moveable as in the living energies book.

Anyone read Bruce Cathie about energy grids; he stresses the harmonic values of light and mass- I presume this means matter? 169 and 269 amongst other values are reckoned to be of importance in the placement of significant objects on the earth such as ancient temples. I wonder if the inclusion of these values into the design of water and air machines might be beneficial.



From: "john.byde" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu Aug 18, 2005 9:05 pm
Subject: Re: [viktorschaubergergroup] Posting Rules (again)! waterkula2000

Other people I have found that have contributed to implosion ideas include Rudolf Steiner,George Adams and Lawrence Edwards. Their work is carried on by many people not least Nick Cook John Wilkes and the flow Forms, John Blackwood looking at egg profiles and birds, The Projective Geometry Group working with John Wilkes at Emerson college. What about The pharaoh's Pump. The platonic solids, why is sacred Geometry so called, does it have anything to do with VS? There are many others who's work overlaps VS and Tessla. As recently mentioned there is Peter's reference to Bruce Cathie's work.
I have thought some on the idea of a grid. That some things will work better in one area than another or may be won't work at all if their position is not accurate or that the Vedas followed certain paths (over Easter Island) not for the view but for the most efficient way to fly. This leads in to dowsing, believe it or not, so I explore this as well and looking at geopathic stress and Orgone energy (Aether). I seldom post here the overlaps I have noticed because of your stricture.