KeelyNet: Joel McClain's description of Russell's description of gravity as based upon vortical energy flows

RUSGRAV.ASC Contributed by Joel McClain - 05/22/94

In studying the work of Walter Russell, it becomes apparent that the
classic distinctions between energy and matter are in perception, as
opposed to construction. In his experiments at Westinghouse, Russell was
able to change the atomic content of matter through the application of
magnetic energy at the angle which was complementary to his chart of the

In other words, distilled water could become predominately hydrogen or
fluorine, when exposed to magnetic energies which were at the frequency
and phase of those elements. This proved Russell's contentions that:

1. Atoms are naturally resonant, in nine octaves which start and end
with the noble gases.

2. Transmutation does not exist. All elements are in transition to
the only stable state in nature, which is carbon.

3. Natural vortical flows of magnetism provide the heat which
ultimately makes life possible.

Russell pictorially represented the vortical flows in his "Wave of
Creation", which was reviewed and understood by Nikola Tesla. It was upon
seeing this, that Tesla advised Russell to lock up his discoveries for 1000
years, until mankind was "ready" for it.

Russell went on to create a working model of the "wave", which tapped ZPE
and provided energy well above unity. Having done this, Russell sent a
letter to the President of the United States, to advise him that a new
power source, safer than nuclear energy, had been found. That, of course,
was forty years ago.

It appears that Russell, who at one time had been struck by lightning, and
who was thought to be mentally unstable by some of his family members, may
have discovered the G.U.T., or Grand Unifying Theory. It is difficult to
imagine of a G.U.T. which will not, at a mimimum, use Russell's inter-
pretation of the Chart of the Elements.

What, then, is the difference between matter and energy? If energy is
measurable, then it is dependent upon atoms, as is matter. When atoms
become "caught" in resonant vortical flows, they become more highly
structured, and energy becomes matter. Further, when external energies are
applied, the matter is changed. We regularly convert matter into energy.
Russell converted matter into matter of another form, and turned energy
into energy of another form. Can we, then, turn energy into matter?
Because this, according to Russell, is how nature creates the forces which
result in galaxies, it may yet be possible to do in a laboratory. Nature
uses fusion, which results in hydrogen being converted into all of the
known elements.

Russell felt that we misunderstood the fusion reaction of stars, because
our understanding is based upon gravity, and we do not understand gravity.
He described gravity as a quadrupole force which results from the spin
energy of atoms. Gravity does not "pull" like a magnet. Gravity,
according to Russell, is a cyclical flow of energy into opposing vortices,
which then control the expansion of matter, based upon temperature.

Gravity, then, holds us together, not down. However, because our matter
is not IN the atmosphere, but OF the atmosphere, comprised of resonant
atoms, we are held together with the earth. The size of the vortical
flows, and thus the gravity, will increase as the number of atoms is
increased, because each atom adds vortical, resonant energy to the mass.

Defeating gravity, then, would depend upon creating opposing resonant
vortical flows, which are a scale of the earth's vortices, relative to the
mass of the object. Increasing gravity, or the appearance of gravity,
would use the same process in reverse. Spinning a pyramid, for example, in
a counterclockwise direction in the northern hemisphere, will cause the
"weight" of the pyramid to increase, as the spin rate becomes a scale of
the earth's vortical flow rate. This has been reported before, but not
explained in terms of Russell's theories.

Globally, gravity can be weakened, if resonant energies are released which
are of opposing phase, relative to earth's vortices. This would "unglue"
or weaken the integrity of the planet and atmosphere, causing instabilities
in temperature, manifested in severe storms as well as in earthquakes.

Strengthening gravity would have a similar effect. Any unbalancing of the
natural vortical flows will result in instability. Perhaps this is what
Tesla had in mind, when he asked Russell to lock up his discoveries (for
1000 years because man was NOT yet ready for them).

Also, this may help to explain how bucking coils, which are described in
Russell's Wave of Creation, tend to drain energy. Your thoughts on this
are welcome.
Vangard Notes

A fascinating dissertation on Russells work. The comment regarding the
draining of energy in the presence of bucking coils might relate to the
problems associated with the Sweet VTA and other devices which produce
what is called "cold current".

At the ISNE conference, one of the speakers mentioned that he had spoken
with a fellow who reported that Russian experiments with devices similar
to the VTA had also produced negative health effects. We are told that
Sweet himself is frequently ill after being in the presence of the VTA
when it is generating power. And it is known that experimenters in the
field of Radionics have experienced peculiar energy draining effects
which lead to illness or death.

In discussions we've had with Tom Bearden, he says he has found a way to
phase conjugate and thus suppress these negative health aspects, which
offers hope for the practical use of such devices, that is, once the
instabilities are ironed out. We hope to have the details for
conditioning the Sweet VTA online in the very near future as presented
at the ISNE conference by Don and Mike Watson and confirmed by Walter
Rosenthal. Floyd Sweet could not attend the ISNE conference, but Mike
Watson placed a call to inform him of results achieved by Don Watson.
Once Sweet heard how Don had conditioned his barium ferrite magnets, he
responded, "It's about time someone figured it out!".
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