KeelyNet: Les Brown ( A Memo Regarding the Brown Video (May 22, 1994) )


The following memo from Joel is with regard to a video that I finally located after a 7 year search. This video was first shown at the Crystal Symposium in Irving, Texas in 1986. It was specially done by Les Brown of Canada and to my knowledge, only shown at this conference. Several of us were totally amazed with the information on the tape and wanted our own copy for detailed study.

The video production company offered to sell the tape for $50 at which I promptly wrote a check to get a copy. After one year of calls, etc. without getting the tape, I decided to call Les Brown himself. I reached his wife, who informed me that Les had died from a sudden heart attack two months prior while with her in a local shopping mall. I expressed condolences and we talked for awhile. When she learned of the problems in getting the tape copy, she gave me the number of the president of the video company.

I thanked her and called him. He said yes, they had my check and would return it. I was informed that after a review of the contents of the tape, they had decided to keep the information private and PROPRIETARY. As I understood it, the video company offered to carry out the costs of the tape and Les would receive a part of the sales. So, when Les died, all rights went to the production company and so they were within their rights to do this.

I was very disheartened by this turn of events. So for 7 years, I've related loose descriptions of the info on the tape but with nothing to back it up and no experimental descriptions.

Late last year, Serendipity stepped in with a phone call one Sunday to Tom Bearden. During our discussion, Tom said there was a mutual friend of ours who wanted to say hello. I could think of no one in that area and was pleasantly suprised to hear Priscilla Boyds' voice on the line.

We talked about what all had been happening and our current activities. I asked is she remembered the Brown video and she did. I asked if she might still have the copy from the Symposium and she did and offered to send me a copy. The tape was received as a Christmas present and I sent Priscilla a package of material in thanks. That tape was then shown at our local monthly Vangard Sciences Roundtable meeting in two parts.

There are two particular experiments which are most intriguing.

The first recounts what appears to be transmutation using only tetrahedrons. Three 9" high tetrahedrons were constructed from coat hanger wire. A triangle was drawn on a table and each of the three tets were placed in one corner of the triangle.

Some kind of energy (said to be identical to Orgone energy) manifests at the 1/3 point of the tetrahedron. Because the size is the same, these tets are "tuned" and thus in resonant you could imagine a beam of energy connecting all three tetrahedral centers.

Mr. Brown said he built a wooden arm that was used to suspend a test mass in the center of the triangle (at the geometric center point of all three tets). A bar of zinc was thus suspended. Les believed this bar diverted the resonantly coupled beam between all the tets so that the beam now converged to strike the zinc. He believes that the energy was of sufficient intensity to remove protons from the mass over a period of time.

The zinc was left suspended in this invisible pyramid energy beam for about 3 weeks without being disturbed. When he returned to check on the experiment, he found a pile of whitish powder. On having it analyzed, he was told it was something resembling "dirty" calcium. The idea here being that the calcium was contaminated with other random elements (possibly in stages of transmutation themselves, who knows at this time).

Les thought this a very bizarre reaction and so collected all the powder, placed it in a bag and re-suspended it in the geometric center of all the tets, as in the first run.

After about 4 weeks, he again checked on the experiment and found that the powder had changed color and texture, now showing a gray color. On having that analyzed, he was told it was almost pure aluminum! That was the last experiment he did, or at least that he mentions in the video.

Brown then goes into why he thinks transmutation occurred, that the protons were removed from the nucleus and the degree of transmutation could be estimated by the molecular weight of the element (MOLES).

There are multiple correlations with Russell, the recent Joe Champion book, the Emmens/Crookes work in the late 1800s and others.

The other experiment done by Brown and as specified on the videotape is his attempting at harnessing this Orgone/pyramid energy. He built a 30 foot base pyramid. A pancake coil was placed on the floor with a spike going into the ground and one sticking up to act as a connection point.

Strips of sheepskin (an organic conductor since this was believed to be Orgone energy and thus most conductive with organic materials) were cut and tied together. These were hung from a center tap hanging from the apex of the pyramid. Les got up on a ladder while holding a strip connected to the bottom pancake coil terminal, when he reached up to grab the hanging sheepskin, "something" knocked him off the ladder and clear across the room.

He was in the hospital for several weeks suffering from bruises and fractures and broken ribs. This experiment caused him to cease work inthis area.

Recently at the ISNE conference, Ken MacNeill showed a series of overheads and in them was a diagram for a free energy type device that uses two pyramids. I did not get a chance to study it but will try to get the info from Ken. He has always been very sharing with respect to his research and contacts and we will post what we get on this for further investigations into this fascinating area.

Everyone will note the use of this pancake coil, designed by Tesla and patented as a non-inductive, non-capacitive coil. That might have something to do with it. Brown's tape goes into detail as to WHY a pyramid or tetrahedron concentrates energy at this one third area. There is thus something flowing which should be able to be tapped for practical uses.

If Aether flows into all neutral centres, proportionate to the mass volume, then in its flow, it could be interferred with to produce energy or force. It appears that pyramid/tetrahedral shapes take advantage of this as Erol Torun has been discovering with his work on Hoaglands Mars monuments.

What follows is a "key" list for various interesting sections on the tape. I will try to get them into BBS ASCII files so everyone can take advantage
of Les Browns' fascinating researches.

February 12, 1994 - The following are notes that might be helpful for your personal studies with the Les Brown Crystal tape, Crystals - Before, Through and Beyond. I have added some notes and correlations which tie in with Mr. Browns' contentions.
Tape Position
1788 - 1998 bucket experiment with ratios based on square root of 5
diameter of 12" of fifth ring
15.976 total diameter

measure circumference of 3rd ring from the inside moving out and multiply it by the cube root of pi, then it becomes the circumference of the 4th ring. Nature increases by the cube root of PI and never alters.

Take the diameter of the 5th ring and it will be the circumference of the 1st inside ring....the 2nd ring is the same as the 6th... This cycle repeats based on a ration of 1 to 5.
2788 - 3165 the Tetrahedron transmutation experiment using a zinc bar 2" long X 1-1/2" wide X 1/16" thick. The Tetrahedrons send electrons toward each other and are attracted by the zinc. This is because the zinc is made up of protons, when the electrons strike the zinc, protons are kicked out, thus changing the atomic weight by altering the mass. Element weights show 25
moles per gram difference between the weight of the elements zinc and calcium. The weight of an electron is .00139 grams. The weight of hydrogen = 770 electrons.
Part 2 - Through

3234 starts second section and describes how power is focussed in a crystal
3848 - 4068 describes pyramid dangers with a 30 foot pyramid example
5068 - 5168 describes crystal points as dangerous devices
Part 3 - and Beyond

5205 beginning of last section of tape
Describes how to retune crystals with your own "program" (Poses an interesting tie-in with free energy type devices that are "tuned" to the operator and this in turn follows the magic square patterns. Recent discoveries with free energy devices show that the aether/ZPE/virtual flux has pockets of high density and low density.
This is referred to as "locality". The Adams motor and the Sweet VTA both seem to work at higher efficiencies in some areas than others. Metaphysical sources indicate that at one time the earth was in a "higher dimension" or higher overall energy layer. When such a condition exists, then mind forces are much easier to manifest in practical uses such as psychokinesis, creation or transmutation of matter or affecting the real world with thoughts!!)

Can this be used as a radionic query device?? That is, if a crystal is "tuned" as an analytical instrument and inserted a part of a radionic unit, could it function as a "reflection" of the mind of the person who tuned it? And can this crystal be used as a tactile "stickplate", by altering its surface viscosity to the drag of an operators fingers??
5700 describes heating savings by covering the north side of a pyramid with reflective material. Describes how to reflect energy from a crystal TO a person using a SCALAR configuration, that is by putting one crystal on each side and pointing them toward each other. Where they collide a scalar bubble (soliton) will be formed to focus the energy in a local area.
5855 - The human body has an electric/magnetic field as well as a pre-electric field. This pre-electric field registers 14 to 27 microvolts in a healthy cell. In the heart it registers 70 microvolts. Casual or imprecise injection of outside voltages can cause an imbalance which creates a temperature difference between various parts of the body. Magnetism injected at the right frequency will associate with its own color (harmonically through the musical scale) for penetration and stabilization of temperature. Anything in balance will not decay or deteriorate, that is why putrefaction does NOT OCCUR in a pyramid. Magnetism will not let anything perish.
6090 - describes the use of cones for directing light similar to work done by Verne Cameron. His experiments with cones (which he called "infinite pyramids") showed that cones would produce a pyramid type energy that was not dependent on magnetic orientation. A future instrument will use a cone constructed as a tunable device. It will produce various frequencies emitted from an electrode attached to the rear of the cone (musical octave progression all the way up to the harmonically associated color)
6188 - describes chakras as opposite colors and how colors properly applied to these regions could assist healing.
6295 - describes random placement of crystals that does nothing because the user does not understand how or why the crystals work
6328 - describes how orgone energy can produce a killing force if improperly used by leeching away the persons magnetism
6420 - describes a project Brown was working on which would produce a pyramid with new dimensions using the figure 5, that is a 1:5 ratio based on the pebble dropped in the bucket of water experiments. It is built so that anyone sitting under it will be cured of cancer. (Brown died about 1987 and did not finish this project to our knowledge.)
6583 - end of tape
What follows is a memo sent from Joel McClain that basically "forced" me to write up the details of this file <g>....thanks Joel for the know how much stuff we are all working on and how we try to get as much as possible online for our fellow researchers...
Hi Jerry,

Brown knew he was dying when he made the video. He just about wrote his own obit, I think. I think that he felt that he gave himself cancer and that was the reason for all of the warnings about misusing the crystals.

He also appeared to be medicated, which you would expect. He knew that he wouldn't complete the pentagon in time for himself, but he left enough clues for someone else to take up the project.

He spoke fluent "Russell", and understood the resonance based chart of the elements, as well as the theory that all elements are in transition to carbon.

When he used the coat-hanger pyramids to extract the energy from zinc, ultimately changing it into calcium and then aluminum, he was just speeding up the natural process. In other words, the zinc did not have time to oxidize in the atmosphere before moving into the next category or wavelength.

Zinc is in the 7th octave, calcium is in the 6th octave, and aluminum is in the 5th octave. Eventually, but after a longer time because the progression was getting closer to the stability of carbon, the aluminum would have become oxygen.

If the aluminum were sealed first, he would have seen the oxygen turn into carbon. However, that opens up a most inteesting possibility of converting mercury to gold, using the same method.

Interesting also that Brown understood that the vortex of energy in the pyramids was drawing energy from the zinc, or as Russell said, "change the energy and you change the matter". Also, I think that the meaning of the "dirty" calcium was that airborn contaminents were also drawn into the vortex flow. A little of Brown might have been in there, too.

I also think that this process would work most effectively in a grid location or ley line intersection point, simply because there is more energy there...or magnetism, as Brown said.

Brown understood very well the need for Chakral balance, and how to use a crystal to store a positive charge for use later. His crystals were sort of Chakral capacitors, holding a charge for use when his energy was low, but recharging with every use, as they "breathed" in more energy.

Because metals are also crystalline in construction, when copper is wound in a caduceus coil around a ferrite core, each cross-over point becomes a "breath", where electrons are drawn into the wire as the flux collapses.

So, there is a gain after each cross-over, and the total current is equal to the original current, plus the ZP gain, less the copper resistance and any hysteresis losses that occur.

I think that the maximum number of crossovers is seven on each side of the core, which you can correlate to the six color "energies" plus white, or to the seven chakras of the earth magnetic grid, or the Russell octaves less the inert gases at each octave's cross-over on his chart of the elements.

Now, if the ferrite is also magnetized, with a bubble of energy in the coil's EMF field, caused by opposing magnetic polarities, then you have the makings of a Sweet VTA. However, Sweet is using a "push-pull" amplifier design, and is drawing energy from each coil by the other in each alternation.

In other words, the VTA is a dual ended device, and each end depletes not just the core, but the EMF which is coming from the other coil as a result of the current induced by the energy drawn from the magnetic bubble. He could use one coil and be above unity at a linear rate, but in using two coils, he is increasing the power output on an exponential scale.

I spoke to Norm last night about the Caduceus, so maybe you'll pass this file along to him, please. Thank you again for the fine meeting and the excellent information. You mentioned the "lost manuscript" that would enable a person to levitate a glass off a table. I think that once you find a combination of frequencies that resonate YOU, then you can focus the resulting energies for just about anything that you want. Come to think of it, didn't Keely say that?

Best always,


That is what I call "alternate depletion", and it can deplete itself right into hyperspace if it were allowed to run "wide open".
Vangard Note

There are those who intuitively understand much of what Keely's discoveries could lead to for us in this century. The correlations continue to amaze me and I have been studying Keely since I was 17 years old (over 20 years).

Joel is one who can see the correlations and overlaps and indeed, PRIORITY OF DISCOVERY with regard to Keely's claims. In time, we will be able to elucidate many of these to a level that all can understand and empathize with based on their own studies. Keely, Russell, Tesla, Schauberger, Carr, Sweet, Hyde, Baumann, Laithwaite, Kidd, Les Brown, T.T. Brown and a host of others all provide pieces to the greater puzzles. The hard part is trying to be objective and not allowing ourselves to take the part of just one researcher as some kind of religion.

The use of Caduceus and Moebius coils produces some kind of strange interface to the hyperspace region to allow a reverse flow of energy from there to here or vice versa. It appears that the circuit used depends on what kind of effect you create, either as a communications device or energy tap. The Yuggoth group in California appears to be making some real progress in this area and we look forward to further reports.
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caduceus coil

I am surprised that after all these years of experimentation with this strange coil
I have not found any one who has used this coil as a sensor, e.g radio astronomy.

I have been recording pulses of magnetism from the Sun and our Galaxy for some years.

It's seems that most researchers are primarily interested in using this device as generator and or a weapon.

Science without imagination and curiosity, leads to stagnation.
A case of the thinkers moving ahead of the PhD's


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