unidirectional force

Can someone explain how this works?

Unidirectional force from resonant cavity.

Researching into Keely I have found a working device which conventional science appears at a loss to explain.

This little instrument consists of four small tuned resonators attached to a small cross and balanced on a pivot. A continuous sound of the pitch to which the resonators are tuned, causes the wheel to rotate.

For further data and a photograph of the device please look up http://www.keelytech.com/forum.html

Hans von Lieven

john ernst worrell keely, cavity-resonance.

good day. first of all, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

regards cavity-resonance. this is a key word in the world of keely-schauberger.

we urge you to watch the Basic Principles of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, a 2,5hour lecture by Dale Pond. it is from 1994, and Dale has done further research into the subjects of Keely and especially Walter Russell.

Walter Russell suggested a completely alternative, 9 Octave, Vortical, Periodic Table of Elements in the 1920s. Dale Pond connects Russell's views validity with John Ernst Worrell Keely's materials. Schauberger also seems to suggest that cavitation resonance should be achieved in his living machines (Klimator/Repulsine et. al).

In the Dale Pond lecture he also speaks about Water-hammer effect, which is cavitation, which he equates to implosion. or scalar wave potential, or zpe. however, please understand that these are only keywords, this is not anything that should be read as the gospel. the connections here are apparent, but the exact parameters, and how to understand this, isnt.

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