A new way of generating electricity

My name is Claudio Bianco. I am an inventor, and have just completed my last work called "Continual Wind-Up", with which I take advantage of water oscillations to wind up a cord, and thus generate electricity.
I believe to have opened a new research field for renewable energy, but since I am the father of this invention, my opinion does not matter.
I chose to use internet to make the invention known and I would appreciate your opinion.I would therefore like to invite you to discover a new way of generating electricity without polluting on www.cuerdacontinua.com

Free Energy

Others have said that "Greed Destroys All","Power
Corrupts, Total Power Destroys". Truer words have never
been spoken. To get new energy sources out to those who
would benefit the most, the "Corrupt Power Hungry People"
have to be removed from their positions. Then and only
then will the inventors be able to make this world a
better place to live. My motto [everybody can use it]
"I'm Right Until I'm Proven Wrong".

another aproch

i would say that we do need these power hungery people to get the ball rolling. all of these devices
are made of resources. These resources will need to be mined refined and assembled on a large enough scale to make it all work. IMHO we need to convince these people there is money to be made in building a
power generation station that will cost almos tnothing to run, and then once the infarastructure is set up will it be the time to remove them from power

How to remove "them" from their positions.

It seems leon is right as it seems as though the successful new-energy inventors are taken out by the hierarchy enslaving you (THEY).

The only way to get these extremely wealthy (monetarily) people removed from their positions is by enforcing "The Plan against the N.W.O" which involves going back to keeping God's Perfect Laws of Liberty.

The Plan is available at:-


ideas on the concept

in referance to the Continual Wind-Up generator

"generators could be designed that spin very fast, they would just need the first impulse, like satellites need, and then they would stay spinning on their own (in space)"

The only problem I see with this is that in order for the artificial gravity to act apon the bouys in the generator some of the spin would be lost each time a bouy was pulled down. The reason in envision this happens is simply because the "gravity" that is created is a result of that spinning force, and any atempt to resist that force will en essance slow dowe the spin.

one thing I might sudjest about this. is if it is in a sealed container. mayby try to pressurize it.
if it were pressurized you could in theory increase the density of the water which would cause a greater bouncy in the bouy and possibly even reduce the amount of air to raise it. it might not solve the problem
with the closed system generator invissione din space, but it could increase the possibe efficcency for a ground based device. on that note maybe even try using heavy water like the kind in reactors. that could gain you an advantage when it comes to the diffrance in dencity between the bouy and the water.

other fluids and possibly even making the bouy out of plastic could be looked into. a hard plastic would also have the distinct advantage of being resistant to corrossion. as well as it would be much lighter then the water and perhaps could be fine tuned by ballist compartments.

one final concern would be the fact that in the presence of gravity water becomes more dence the deeper it is. there could possibly be a dencitty at which the resistance provided by the water could aproce that of molissis. and take energy out of the equation. this ofcorse could be possibly circumvented by
creating a hydro dynamic bouy that would "slice" through the water.

just a thought.

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