list of files that claim to be tesla + schauberger, but ARE NOT.

1) Schauberger_machine4.rar -> this, renamed to .asf,  becomes absolute filth. this is not schauberger stuff.

there are others.

discover which they are, and lets post them on here. these filesshould never be downloaded by people who are looking for FREE ENERGY / schauberger / tesla information. these exist in p2p's like edonkey, to SPIKE people. it is a royal shame, but also shows that there is something in schauberger information, that  must be kept away from normal people..


another file

2) freie.energie.schauberger.levitation.mpg and freie.energie.schauberger.levitation.rar

this is your typical, run of the mill, information outburst created by . you wont see a single mention of schauberger or tesla in this, or levitation, only pictures of chemtrails, various people doing the devil-sign with their hands, pictures of swastikas and the all seeing eye, illuminati / new world order imagery and so forth. whilst whatever they are doing is probably worthwhile in their eyes - it does mean that whoever downloaded this thinking its going to be about schauberger's levitation material, or about schauberger at all, will be disapointed to find people like reagan, gwbush, bush senior, putin, and the rest of them, all in pictures that consist of onlyproving that everyone in politics and in religion is actually in cahoots with Satan and the NWO Illuminati.


remember, only one way to get rid of this stuff - enforce the plan.

the plan to defeat the new world order.

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