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2011 - CleanTechnica: Dr. Nocera’s Invention May be the Future of Alternative Energy. But it’s Not a Leaf!
2011 - Institute of Nanotechnology: Scientists Develop First Practicial Artificial Leaf (American Chemical Society)
2011 - Wired: MIT's artificial leaf is ten times more efficient than the real thing
2011 - ScienceMag: Spinning the Sun's Rays Into Fuel
2011 - DiscoveryNews: First Practical Artificial Leaf Makes Debut
2011 - The Green Optimistic: Leaf-Mimicking Catalyst Inventor Signs Huge Contract With Tata Group for Hydrogen-From-Water Device
2011 - CBCNews: 'Artificial leaf' turns sunlight into electricity
2011 - Mail Online: The 'Holy Grail' of science: The artificial leaf researchers claim will turn every home into its own power station
2011 - Natural News: MIT scientist develops artificial solar cell leaf that can power a house for a day with a single gallon of water
2011 - CNET: 'Artificial leaf' makes hydrogen from solar cell - Green Tech
2011 - Tiede-Lehti: Tekolehti muuttaa valon ja veden sähköksi

2010 - Popular Science: With Artificial Photosynthesis, A Bottle of Water Could Produce Enough Energy To Power A House

Video description: 2010: MIT Professor Dan Nocera believes he can solve the worlds energy problems with an Olympic-sized pool of water. Nocera and his research team have identified a simple technique for powering the Earth inexpensively by using the sun to split water and store energy - making the large-scale deployment of personalized solar energy possible.

Video description: 2010: IHMC: Dr. Daniel G. Nocera
2010 - Podcast Interview: Dan Nocera - The Future of Energy
2010 - Ilmastouutisia: Teknologialäpimurto: Kotivoimala lähempänä todellisuutta

2009 - SPECTRUM/Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Energy Nature's way
2009 - New York Times: Harnessing the Sun When It Doesn’t Shine
2009 - National Geographic: Vahvistaako finanssikriisi aurinkoenergian asemia?

2008 - Naturenews: Catalyst heralded as solar-power breakthrough
2008 - New York Times: 2 Reports Raise Hopes on Energy
2008 - Ecogeek: MIT Professor Touts Water Splitting Catalyst
2008 - 'Major discovery' from MIT primed to unleash solar revolution - Scientists mimic essence of plants' energy storage system

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