Any Flavio Thomas Pyramid builders around?

Greetings Free energy people. I am fascinated with Flavio Thomas's Pyramid that generates electricity. The directions on the video are not complete enough for me to build one at home. Has anyone built a working model? I am very interested in making contact with people who are interested. Imagine, no one will be cold during the winter :-)...John

building this pyramid

HI John
I am in the process of trying to build one myself. I understand most of the wiring and only wish that he (Flavio) would have taken more time to show on film the other side of his collector. I currently have a 7' pyramid in my home made from wood and will start a all copper one soon. How far have gotten on yours or is it complete by now. If you could can you share any info on its construction, I would like any help if you can on this.

good luck the lot of yous.

good luck the lot of yous. there is a mailinglist for this material, it is at:

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