Secret Space DVD

Yesterday evening I watched a DVD called "Secret Space. It was quite ok, containing some interesting UFO material, and revealing some of the sick occult satanistic/freemasonic/illuminati rituals linked to the bogus "space program" and explained some of the reasons for their real, hidden space program.

 It was a bit sad that one of the first "Nazi flying saucer" pictures it showed early on in the documentary was the Repulsine.




The documentary also showed a World Trade Center UFO clip which is, according to this page on a computer generated hoax (CGI), created as a promo for sci-fi channel.

I particulary enjoyed the UFO material from NASA expeditions and south America (Mexico), which I've partially seen before in other UFO documentaries.

"Secret Space" did contain a lot of nonsense also, and they flashed pictures of scary looking aliens (greys?) a little too often.

In my eyes David Icke is the kind of Illuminati researcher who seems to tell things that are 90% true, and then tops it of with 10% of nonsense; i.e that the top Illuminati Elite are lizards.

The truth of the "evil aliens" is explained in a book called "The Way home or face The Fire" available for free at:- .